Russia is worried about a plague of locusts ruining the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Have shelter nearby. Hail is very dangerous, and can do a lot of damage. Make sure theres somewhere you can duck indoors.

Will an international locust scandal create havoc at the 2018 World Cup in Russia?

Chekmaryov brings up an excellent point, so heres a list of how to prepare for Russia if youre heading there for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

According to Pyotr Chekmaryov of the agricultural ministry, the circumstances of the new stadiums built for the event present exigent conditions for dealing with locusts.

Bring skin cream. If a mysterious soot starts to fill the air, make absolutely sure that your skin isnt exposed.

Hide your livestock. Also, maybe learn to hunt. Depending on how you read the plagues, also be prepared for the outbreak of flies.

We have more or less learned how to deal with locusts, but this year Im afraid we could end up in an international locust scandal, Chekmaryov saidvia the Associated Press, inadvertently coining an early front-runner for funniest phrase of 2018 in international locust scandal.

Russia is dealing with anOld Testament-sized problemahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, as officials fear a swarm of locusts may devastate the playing surfaces. The agricultural ministry of Russia told the Associated Press that it is hoping for the best but expecting the worst as it waits to see if the locusts will leave the new stadiums alone or not.

Chekmaryov also detailed why this was a threat in a particularly blunt manner.

Soccer fields are green, he said. Locusts like places where there is a lot of green. What if they fly to the places where football is played?

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