The 19 Most Revealing Cheerleader Uniforms In History

Atlanta Falcons

Indianapolis Colts

Camouflage doesn’t work when you wear so little!

North Korea cheerleader

Wearing a red uniform costume to appear in the audience, cheering for the Korean women’s ice hockey team in the Winter Olympics ice hockey competition on October 10, 2018.

Jacksonville Jaguars

For the third time, a Florida team makes this list. Was it the heat of Florida that made these cheerleader uniforms?

Tennessee Titans

In the middle of the law,Their boots cover more than their shorts!

Arizona Cardinals

These are downright Puritan compared to some of the other uniforms.

Dallas Cowboys

America’s favorite team happens to have some of the most recognizable cheerleaders in the world.

Houston Texans

Nothing says “cheerleader” like boy shorts and 1/3 of a jersey these days. 

San Diego Chargers

We’re guessing they would have been “charged” too much for a full uniform. Get it? 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ok, yes, we get that Florida is hot – but do their uniforms need to be as hot, too? 

Cincinnati Bengals

Looks like a bengal did more than claw up their skirts – half their clothes are missing!

Washington Redskins

For a team that’s been surrounded by controversy in recent years, maybe a more conservative cheer uniform wouldn’t be the worst idea. 

Cleveland Cavaliers

Maybe they took a page out of King James’ playbook and tore the sleeves off?

Philadelphia Eagles

In case you were wondering, the cheerleading section on the Eagles’ website has an adult content warning before you can enter.

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