Bundesliga TV schedule and streaming links

Really want to get into bundesliga. Fox picture on some games downright dreadful. This morning Mainz game was unwatchable through xfinity. Dortmund game looks a bit better

It was nice to see Chelsea and Werder Bremen on CBS Sports Net. Does World Soccer Talk know if CBS Sports Net plans on continuing to air professional soccer after the handful of preseason matches they have scheduled? It was a very bare bones telecastno pregame show or studio analysisbut hopefully this is a sign that another US media group is interested in televising soccer.

I have the sports and entertainment package (extra cost) so Comcast should have FS2 and Goltv in that package. After all Comcast customers pay extra for the package so all football/soccer channels should be carried/included in the package.

Yea I can see why. Its all for the ratings and right now Bundesliga ratings arent close to College Football.

Also included areBundesliga TV schedule listings for teams playing in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, summer friendlies, domestic competitions such as German cup matches, and games featuring the German national team. Bookmark this page and return to it often. Youll find the latest schedule of TV games, in many cases postedbefore the information is officially released.

anyone know where I can catch some 2. Bundesliga action? Is there a streaming option available? I would think FOX acquired these rights as well as the first division, however I would not be surprised if they decided not to broadcast even as an online option since viewership would be quite poor. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, if this match were to happen generally how much in advance are matches announced?

Thanks for the update. I guess what always troubled me about announcers watching a match on tv and broadcasting is that they see the same things I see; whereas announcers at the grounds see other aspects of the matches developing off-camera, which may add a great deal to the broadcast.

Glad we can view Bundesliga games and like Hockey Night in Canada promote Bundesliga Saturday Mornings. A cup of joe and great soccer start the weekend right. Also use more Brit announcers on site and pre, half-time and post-game with theFox Team.

Am I mistaken believing that Foxs soccer coverage of Bundesliga matches uses announcers who are not at the matches? Im watching Hoffenhiem v. Hamburg and it just sounds as if the announcers are in distant studio somewhere. I know ESPN used to do this all the time, but I was hoping this was a thing of the past.

Bayern Munich vs. Bayer Leverkusen, 9:30am, FS1,fuboTVSling BlueandPlayStation Vue(free trial)

I hope FOX realizes and may do something about it and offer more Bundesliga coverage but unfortunately it is all about the money not about the football itself ?

There is a lot of German Bundisliga fans out there,it was great watching German Soccer on fox sports 1 and 2 but as usual something good for the soccer fans does not last, so to make some more money or a way to make some extra bucks,they do not broadcast these games on fox 1 or fox 2 they are now braodcasting fox sports 2go for a payment of $19.99 a month .I am not paying 19.99 a month I will be watching free live streaming Bundisliga on my computer.so take your program and shove it.

Instead of alternating 1st pick each week so that FOX Deportes and GOLTV would alternate having Bayern Munich, FOX Deportes has repossessed the 1st pick EVERY WEEK so that it can air Bayer Leverkusen matches (with John Laguna and Mariano Trujillo calling the matches, usually from Los Angeles with the exception of last week when FOX Deportes sent them to Europe for a week.)

I have Comcast and they dont carry FS2 here in the Bay Area. That makes it even more frustrating as I dont get to see many other games such as Europa League and many other CL games. Ive e-mailed Comcast about FS2 steadily for over a year and no change.

I really hoped this type of announcing was from a bygone era. However, I guess there must be some rationale (financial, perhaps?) for Fox to use their own announcers in Los Angeles. Sadly, off-site announcers tend to offer so little, I end up watching the matches on mute.

FOX Sports has been mixing up their commentating options. Some weeks theyve included the feed from the UK announcers (I believe BT Sports). Other weeks theyve used the English-language world-feed. But more recently theyve been using their own announcers such as Keith Costigan, Brad Friedel, etc. So, for most of the games, the announcers are calling it off a TV.

This is helpful, thanks. Too many games on FS2 which Comcast (still) does not offer in most markets. Bundesliga is a tremendous product, but Foxs coverage pales in comparison with what NBC is doing with the EPL. Its too bad, b/c soccer is finally, truly, growing viewership in the States and the Bundesliga is missing out on converting boatloads of new fans (a la the EPL) due to a poor broadcast partner. Step up, Fox!

Thats what FOX Sports should be doing as it needs to have 4-5 good announcing teams for World Cup Russia 2018. Right now, FOX Sports really only has one good U.S.-based announcing team: John Strong and Alexi Lalas.

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