Atletico Madrid counterattack wins, Real Madrid gates open and lose 7 goals

In the International Champions Cup of North America, Real Madrid played at Atletico Madrid. Eventually, Real Madrid suffered a 3-7 tragedy. A large-scale conflict broke out between the two sides, and both Carvajal and Costa were sent off.

One minute after beginning, Felix slanted, and Diego Costa broke into the restricted area and slanted right rib. The ball hit Ramos and deflected into the far corner, 1-0.

Felix assists Costa to break the door

In the 8th minute, Saul got the ball from the left and broke into the restricted area to cross the middle road, and Felix pushed in front of the restricted area, 2-0.

Felix grabs the door

In the 10th minute, Felix broke through the middle and volleyed slightly at the top of the arc.

Felix’s long shot wipes the doorpost.
a mess in front of Real Madrid

In the 19th minute, Cork smashed the ball in front of the penalty area and then picked it. Angel Correa turned and shot into the lower left corner of the goal, 3-0.

Correa substitutes the goal

In the 28th minute, Ramos made mistake when passed the ball in the backcourt. Saul intercepted Modric and went straight. Diego Costa calmed down and shot, 4-0.

In the 38th minute, Modric went straight in front of the penalty area, and Vinicius turned to the right rib in the restricted area but hit the low-end center column.

In the 44th minute, Felix left the ribs in the restricted area and passed the small angle volley, but sealed by Kurtova. Felix knocked back, and Lemar crossed, and Isco knocked over Diego Coase in the restricted area. Tower, Diego Costa, a penalty kick, low shot, 5-0.

In the 51st minute, Felix stopped the long pass and went straight. Diego Costa single-handedly shot from the left side of the penalty area, 6-0.

In the 59th minute, Cross opened the left tactical corner kick, and Azar was passed when cut in the bottom line. Obrak barely blocked hardly, and Nacho kicked at a close distance, 1-6.

A large-scale conflict broke out between the two sides.

In the 70th minute, Bitola’s midfielder broke through the long-term health care English, and after driving straight into the field, he passed two more people and broke into the restricted area and shot low angle, 7-1.

In the 85th minute, Nacho’s left side of the restricted area was knocked down by Herrera, the referee took a penalty kick, and Benzema took the penalty kick, 2-7.

In the 89th minute, Jiulong Yingyuan shot was saved by Adan, and De La Fuente headed the ball to the left column, and Harvey Hernandez added the empty goal, 3-7.

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