Expose Real Madrid 60 million euros to finalize Jovic! Sign for 6 years, the most water 7 or become a partner

After booking Milly Tang early, Real Madrid now basically settled Jovic. According to the “Aspen” report, Real Madrid has reached an agreement with Frankfurt. Real Madrid will sign Jovich at a price of 60 million euros, of which 12 million euros will be paid to Jovi’s old club Benfica. Joovic himself will sign a six-year contract with Real Madrid.

In this season, Jovic scored 26 goals for Frankfurt and sent 7 assists. He is the best in the new generation of European centers. Barcelona first inspected Jovic, but eventually gave up introducing him. Barcelona believes that Jovic is not in line with the style of the team, and his value is beyond the budget.

After Barcelona withdrew from the auction, Paris pursued Jović again, which made Real Madrid decide to complete the transfer as soon as possible. Today, “Aspen” pointed out that there are no obstacles to the joining of Real Madrid. In the next season, Jove will become Real Madrid’s new center.

When his father refused to represent Barcelona, he said that Jove did not want to give Suarez a substitute. Now Real Madrid has basically settled on Jovic, indicating that Jove is confident in playing at Bernabeu. Zidane has always trusted Benzema, and Jove is confident that PK will lose the Frenchman who is in good shape this season? This means that in the negotiations, Real Madrid may have given Jokic’s main commitment.

After negotiating Jorge, Real Madrid will send away Cristiano Mariano. Mariano put on Real Madrid No. 7 shirt this season, but only scored 2 goals in 656 minutes. “Marca” pointed out that Frankfurt hopes to get Mariano, and Real Madrid has set him a price of 20 million euros.

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