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Julia Lipnitskaya(born 1998), Russian figure skater

Julie Finn Finlay, a character played byElisabeth Shuein

Julia Glushko(born 1990), Israeli tennis player

Julia Fischer(born 1983), German violinist

Julio, Julius, Julian, Julie, Julien, Iulia, Juliana, Julianna

Julia Htter(born 1983), German pole vaulter

Julia Sugarbaker, a character in the sitcom

Julia Drusilla(1638), daughter of Germanicus, sister of Caligula

Julia Dean(18781952), stage and film actress

Julia Jules Cobb, a character played byCourteney Coxon the comedy series

Julia Crichton, the female protagonist in

Julia, a character in the 2008 movie of the same name played byTilda Swinton

Julia Avita Mamaea(after 180235), Soaemias sister and mother of emperor Alexander Severus

Iuliana, Iouliana (ά) (Greek)

Julia Boynton Green(1861 1957), American poet

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Julia Drusilla(3941), daughter of Emperor Caligula

Julia A. Moore(18471920), American poet

Julia Iotapa (daughter of Antiochus III)(before 17c. 52), Queen of Commagene

Campbell, Mike.Popularity for the name Julia.

Julia Nyberg(17841854), Swedish poet

Julia Arthur(18691950), Canadian-born stage and film actress

Julia Vakulenko(born 1983), Ukrainian tennis player

Julia of Corsica(died on or after 439), virgin martyr

Julia Wells (born 1935), actress known asJulie Andrews

Julia Ogden, a character in the Canadian television series

Julia (mother of Mark Antony)(104 BCafter 39 BC)

Julia Dean(1830-1868), stage actress

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Julia Newmeyer (born 1933), actress known asJulie Newmarwho playedCatwoman

), daughter of suffect consul Gaius Julius Cornutus Tertullus

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Jlia Almeida(born 1983), Brazilian actress

Julia Ward Howe(18191910), wrote poem that became the Battle Hymn of the Republic

One of theMartyrs of Zaragoza(died c. 303)

Julia Duporty(born 1971), Cuban sprinter

Given names of Greek language origin

Julia Fernandez, a character from the manga and anime

Julia Stiles(born 1981), American actress, star of the movie

Julia Roberts(born 1967), American actress

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Julia de Burgos(19141953), Puerto Rican poet

Julia Morton(19121996), American author and botanist

of thegens Julia, a descendant ofJulus

Julia Haworth(born 1979), British actress

), a slave, later freedwoman, of Julia Urania of Mauretania

Julia Menndez(born 1985), Spanish field hockey defender

Julia (women of the Julii Caesares):

), a character with autism in the childrens television series

Julia Sakara(born 1969), Zimbabwean middle distance runner

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Iulianna, Ioulianna (ά) (Greek)

Julia Soaemias((180222), daughter to Julia Maesa and mother of emperor Elagabalus

LiviaDrusilla (58 BC29 AD), also known as Julia Augusta, wife of Emperor Augustus

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Julia (daughter of Caesar)(c. 76 BC54 BC)

Julia Alexandratou(born 1985), Greek porn star, singer and model

Ursula Ledchowska(18651939), Roman Catholic saint born Julia Ledchowska

Julija (LithuanianSerbo-CroatianMacedonianSlovene)

Berenice (daughter of Herod Agrippa)(28after 81), Julia Berenice, princess of the Herodian Dynasty

Julia Clarete(born 1979), Filipino singer-actress

Julia Cohen(born 1989), American tennis player

Julia Mamaea (wife of Polemon II of Pontus)(

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos

Julia Crispina, princess and granddaughter ofJulia Berenice

Julia Agrippina orAgrippina the Younger(1559), daughter of the general Germanicus and fourth wife of Emperor Claudius

Julia Child(19122004), American gourmet cook, author, and television personality

Julia Piera(born 1970), Spanish poet

Julia the Younger(19 BCc. AD 29), daughter of Julia the Elder

Julia Fadilla, younger half-sister to EmperorAntoninus Piusand paternal aunt to EmpressFaustina the Younger

Julia Serviana Paulina(died before 136?), niece of EmperorHadrian

), wife of Roman client king Ptolemy of Mauretania

Julia Graham, a character in the 2010 adaptation of

Julia Marlowe(18651950), English-born American actress known for her interpretations of William Shakespeare

Julia Sawalha(born 1968), British actress

Julia, a character in William Shakespeares play

), second wife of Polemon II of Pontus

Julie Billiart(17511816), French Catholic saint

Juliais usually a womansgiven name. It has three syllables. It is a Latinate feminine form of the nameJulioandJulius. Julius was a Roman family, derived from a founderJulus, the son ofAeneasandCreusainRoman mythology, although the names etymology may possibly derive from Greekἴς(ioulos) downy-[haired, bearded][citation needed]or alternatively from the name of the Roman godJupiter.[citation needed]

Julia Görges(born 1988), German tennis player

Julia Ormond(born 1965), British actress, star of the movie

Julia Louis-Dreyfus(born 1961), American actress, co-star of the TV series

Julia Livia(before 1443), granddaughter of Emperor Tiberius

What Are the Most Common German Names for Boys and Girls?.

Julia Boutros(born 1968), Lebanese singer

Juliana (Dutch, English,GermanPortugueseSpanish)

Julia the Elder(39 BC14 AD), daughter of Emperor Augustus

Ioulietta/Ioulieta, Iulietta/Iulieta

Julia Iotapa (Cilician princess)(c. 802nd century), Princess of Cilicia

Julia Major (sister of Caesar)(before 101 BC?)

Julia Minor (sister of Caesar)(101 BC51 BC), maternal grandmother of Emperor Augustus

Julia Sanderson(18881975), American actress and singer

Julia Morgan(18721957), American architect

Julia Maesa(c. 165c. 224), Domnas sister

Julia Gillard(born 1961), Australian politician, Prime Minister

Julia Grant(18261902), wife of U.S. President Ulysses Grant

Julia (daughter of Tigranes VI of Armenia)(

Julia Houston, a character played byDebra Messingon the TV series

Julia (medium)(fl. 1689), ladys maid of Queen Christina of Sweden in Rome, alleged clairvoyant and predictor

Julia Wheelock Freeman(1833-1900), American Civil War nurse

Julia Sweeney(born 1959), American actor and comedian

Julia Iotapa (daughter of Antiochus IV)(c. 45after 96), Queen of Cetis

Top 50 Most Popular Girls & Boys Baby Names for 2013 in Poland.

Julia Flavia(6491), daughter of emperor Titus

Julia Agricola(64?), daughter of general Gnaeus Julius Agricola and wife to historian Tacitus

Julia Livilla(18-late AD 41 or early AD 42), daughter of Germanicus, youngest sister of Caligula

Julia Wilson(born 1978), Australian rower

Jlia (CatalanHungarianPortugueseSlovak)

Julia Murney(born 1969), American actress and singer, best known for her role asElphabain

Julia Lathrop(18581932), American social reformer

Julia Goddard(1825-1896), British childrens writer and animal welfare campaigner

Julia Mancuso(born 1984), American skier

Julia Procilla, mother of Gallo-Roman generalGnaeus Julius Agricola(4093)

Donna Julia, a character in the poemDon JuanbyLord Byron

Julia Domna(160217), empress and wife of Emperor Septimius Severus

Julia Balbilla(72after 130), poet and companion of Hadrians wife Vibia Sabina

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Julia Swayne Gordon(18781933), American actress

Julia (wife of Sulla)(c. 129 BCc. 104 BC), first wife of Sulla

Julia Schruff(born 1982), Görgess German compatriot and tennis player

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Julia Lennon(19141958), mother of John Lennon

Julia Phillips(19442002), film producer and author

Julia McNamara, a character on the U.S. television series

Julie (CzechDanish, English,FrenchNorwegian)

Julia Irwin(born 1951), Australian politician

Like its male counterpart, the given nameJuliahad been in use throughoutLate Antiquity(e.g.Julia of Corsica) but became rare during the Middle Ages, and was revived only with theItalian Renaissance. It became common in the English-speaking world only in the 18th century. Today, it is frequently used throughout the world. It was the 10th most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2007 and the 88th most popular name for females in the 1990 census there. It has been among the top 150 names given to girls in the United States for the past 100years. It was the 89th most popular name for girls born in England andWalesin 2007; the 94th most popular name for girls born inScotlandin 2007; the 13th most popular name for girls born in Spain in 2006; the fifth most popular name for girls born in Sweden in 2007; the 94th most popular name for girls born in Belgium in 2006; the 53rd most popular name for girls born in Norway in 2007; the 70th most popular name for girls born in Hungary in 2005; the 19th most popular name for girls born inBritish Columbia, Canadain 2006; the 9th most popular name for girls born in Germany in 2005; the 2nd most popular name for girls born in Poland in 2013[1]and the most popular name in Austria.[2][3]

Julia Budd(born 1983), Canadian martial artist

), daughter of EmperorPhilip the Arab

Julia (wife of Marius)(c. 130 BC69 BC)

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Julia, a character in the anime series

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