World Cup TV schedule and streaming links

Correct, but YouTube TV is only available in select cities in the US and hasnt been rolled out nationwide.

We go into it in more detail here Universo will have a nightly replay of games. No word from FOX.

onSchedule of soccer friendlies in US this summer

Augustus, correct. None of the World Cup games will be on FS2.

If you dont have ATT Wireless for your phone service, then I would recommend subscribing to fuboTV for the World Cup games that will air on FS1 and FS2, and you should also be able to get your local FOX affiliate through there. Only concern is that you may go over your data limit depending on how many matches you watch.

If you can get NBC 11 Bay Area (KNTV) on PSIP Channel 11-1 with your flat antenna, then you can get Telemundo 48 Area de la Bahia (KSTS) on PSIP Channel 48-3 because both stations are on the same frequency (physical VHF TV Channel 12) and are transmitted from the San Bruno Mountain transmitter towering above Daly City.

Can you check the match time again? It seemed like it is off by 1 hour from ET. For example, the games should be at 7 AM ET, 10 AM ET, and 1 PM ET.

Schedule of soccer friendlies in USA this summer

Correct me if Im wrong, but did ESPN Deportes (USA) broadcast the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Portuguese?

Looking to watch World Cup games online from work, home or on the go? If you live in the USA, there are several options to catch all the action.

Youtube TV is now available on Apple TV and Roku

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be televised live across FOX Sports (English-language) and Telemundo (Spanish-language). All matches will also be streamed live across a variety of legal streaming services such as fubo, Sling TV, FOX Sports GO and FOX Soccer Match Pass.

Has FOX launched its television programs for the world cup (Pre Game, post games)?

Hi Ryan, Telemundo will not have a SAP option. FOX Sports in the US is the only broadcaster with English-language TV rights.

onRussia jails Pussy Riot members for World Cup pitch invasion

onNBC increases Premier League games on NBC Sports Gold for new season

Correct, FOX is the free over-the-channel that you can watch with a pair of rabbit ears. FOX Sports is the one on cable/satellite/streaming. The schedule hasnt been finalized yet, so the above listings could change (in regards to the channels).

The most famous soccer TV announcer in the U.S. regardless of language, Andres Cantor, works for Telemundo Deportes and he is scheduled to call about 30 matches.

I live about 3 miles from where you live.

World Cup shirts for all 32 teams

onStep-by-step instructions of how to watch beIN SPORTS Connect via fuboTV

El tipico Mexicano, lleno de suenos inalcansables. Ojala y Mexico sea humillado. Como el 7 a 0

Can I watch the games on Telemundo with Sling? I need to stream and I definitely want to watch in Spanish.

Hi Chris- Do you happen to know if there will be full replays of World Cup games available anywhere similar to the archive that is available on WatchESPN. The start times are tough if you have an office job in NYC. Thanks.

FAQ on World Cup TV coverage in USA

Cord cutters guide to World Cup 2018

We already know the kickoff times (see But after the draw, well know which matches will be shown on Spanish-language TV (well update the World Cup TV schedule at soon as the draw has commenced). What we wont know yet is FOXs schedule, so its dependent on them when theyll announce those details (which could be hours, days, weeks or months after the World Cup Draw has concluded).

Any news on possible tape delays? In English though because I dont understand Spanish at all unless there will be some in Italian but I doubt that. That would be too good to be true.

Sounds like the options are going to be very few unless you have a Hisense TV.

Yes you will be able to watch more than half of the World Cup games on FOX via KDFW, but there will be many that will only be on FS1.

Also, Andres Cantor works for Telemundo and FDP. How will that work?

onFrance beat Croatia to win World Cup after Croatia thriller

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The US Open Golf tournament conflicts with some of World Cup including Mexico v Germany. In general Fox has a lot (but not all) of the games. Telemundo has OTA coverage of all but the Matchday 3 simultaneous kickoffs that you speak of. All in all, pretty solid coverage for the non-cable people.

Unfortunately FOX Sports has released very few details regarding their coverage plans for this season, so no one knows yet what their detailed plans are. As soon as we get more details, well update the page at

I want a channel that will broadcast the world cup free of charge in the Middle East

Slings Best Of Spanish TV includes Universo, correct. You can get it for $10/month through

Hi soccer people somebody know about the 4k resolution for the world cup? Cause directv latinoamerica is offering the world cup in 4k, fubo is going to have 4k?

Just saw that Sling TV Latino includes Universo for $10 a month.

What about Playstation Vue? Also, what is the best call to watch the game in Brazilian Portuguese?

This is the final schedule. Tape delay news for FOX hasnt been revealed yet. For Telemundo, Universo will re-air World Cup matches in primetime every day.

Will Telemundo have an SAP option? My guess is that Fox owns the exclusive English rights but I could be wrong.

Unlike FOX (which plans to have announcers at the stadiums in Russia for about 20-25 matches), Telemundo will have announcers at the stadiums for about 40 matches.

How come ESPN dont show the football World Cup no more? Im afraid that Fox Sports will be more expensive to get any idea?

Doesnt Univision show the Spanish games as well? they always air the world cups every year since I could remember.

I listen to your podcasts.. And your not a big fan of FOX commentators Nor am I..

onNBC increases Premier League games on NBC Sports Gold for new season

DirecTV and Dish Network are providing the World Cup in 4K. Best of all it does not require to have a Hisense TV!

Where did you find the TV schedule of the draw, semifinals, and final?

1) The FOX commentator said Iceland beat Argentina.. A draw..

A little preview clip of Andres Cantor, when he made a guest appearance on NBC Sports NetworksPremier League Livein November:

FOX Sports has acquired the rights to the World Cup for 2018, 2022 and 2026, so the soonest that ESPN could possibly show the World Cup again is 2030.

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Any information related to see the games in 4K? Will it be available in the broadcast (FOX) or through the app (FOX Sports GO).

We only feature streaming providers that we recommend. At this time, with YouTube TV not being available on Roku nor Apple TV, as well as YouTube TV not having beIN SPORTS or beIN SPORTS en Espanol, we cant recommend it.

Our World Cup guide has more info about 4K TV at

Heres the World Cup TV schedule (all times Eastern):

Here is some info that came out a couple weeks ago about 4k.

onNBC increases Premier League games on NBC Sports Gold for new season

Will fox sports air a preview show for the FIFA World cup 2018?

When you say Telemundo, do you refer to the Telemundo or Telemundo Deportes channel? Those two are different. The Telemundo logo is red, and the Telemundo Deportes logo is silver. Thanks for the info!

World Cup Live. Itll be hosted by Kate Abdo from 6am ET as it previews that days action.

There is no Telemundo Deportes channel. Theres Telemundo and Universo. Telemundo Deportes is the programming division of Telemundo that produces sports programs. All of the games will air on Telemundo, the network, except for a handful of games which will be shown on Universo.

Telemundo has 56 World Cup Russia 2018 matchesen vivo y en directo.

Shouldnt all games be on FOX except for during matchday 3, when there are 2 matches at once? That would make more sense, but now people who dont have a cable subscription have to get one or go to a restaurant and watch some of the games

Telemundo is not available via Sling, but it is available via DIRECTV NOW and fuboTV.

If you missed a match (like the Germany/Sweden one on 23rd), is there any way to watch a replay of it?

onNBC increases Premier League games on NBC Sports Gold for new season

If youre looking for the World Cup TV schedule for fans in the United States, youve come to the right place.

FOX hasnt announced yet which FOX Sports networks will broadcast the games. As soon as we find out, well update the schedule.

Russia doesnt observe Daylight Saving Time.

YouTube TV also has Telemundo and Universo.

onStep-by-step instructions of how to watch beIN SPORTS Connect via fuboTV

KTVU FOX 2 on PSIP Channel 2.1 (physical UHF TV channel 44) is a difficult channel to receive with an indoor flat antenna due to adjacent channel interference from KCSM 60 (physical UHF TV channel 43) and KBCW 44 CW Bay Area (physical UHF TV channel 45). I live 2 miles from the Sutro Tower transmitter in San Francisco and I have trouble getting a consistent digital signal for KTVU FOX 2.

Sling TVs international sports package is $10/month and will give you the World Cup in French and Brazilian Portuguese. Cheapest way to watch all the games if you subscriber on the day the world cup begins

The other option is to watch the games on Telemundo with your rabbit ears. Your local Telemundo channel is KXTX.

England vs. Croatia (Semi-final), 2pm, FOX, Telemundo, NBCSN (in Spanish),fuboTVSling TVandPlayStation Vue(7-day free trial)

Has Radio Futbol de Primera launched its 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia calendar?

Central time is one hour behind the kickoff times listed below.

Won, if you have ATT Wireless, streaming DIRECTV NOW doesnt count against your data plan. With DIRECTV NOW, you can get FOX, FS1, FS2, Telemundo and Universo.

Brazil vs Mexico was originally going to be on FS1, but Rob Stone announced today that it will be on Fox.

onNBC increases Premier League games on NBC Sports Gold for new season

Ive read recently that the FOX 4K app will be available in Hisense TV but the TV costs $10, 000. Also read that in Latin America Directv will broadcast it in 4k. Still waiting to see if Dish or Directv will broadcast it in 4K here in the US.

Univision used to have the rights until they lost them to Telemundo. Telemundo has the Spanish-language rights for World Cup 2018, 2022 and 2026.

Hi Chris. I live in Daly City, CA and work 6-2p.m Mon- Sat.. in San Francisco,CA. I dont have cable or internet service. I have cellphone service with 5GB per month. I also have an indoor flat antenna you described and get about 34 channels. But no CBS but have NBC, ABC and Telemundo. I am interested mostly in soccer specially World Cup. How do I choose my setvice

onNBC increases Premier League games on NBC Sports Gold for new season

•International Champions Cup TV Schedule

More than half of the games for World Cup 2018 will be on the free over-the-air FOX network, so it should be less expensive to watch than ESPN depending on your cable, satellite or streaming provider.

Looking at Direct TV now, their lower tier plans have FS1 and FOX. But FS2 is only on the higher tier. Getting the lower wouldnt afffect WC viewing right? going by the info, am I right in thinking none of hte matches will show up on FS2?

Is this the final schedule, or are there still chances to have more games shown on the free channel (channel 9 in these parts)? Also, any news on the tape delays? Thanks.

It doesnt say which Fox Sports? FS1 or FS2? Which one?

Tape delay details havent been announced yet. Well report on everything once the news is announced.

FOX has been good for the most part. There two calls that stand out to me.

We have contacts within the TV networks.

Do you have any questions about the World Cup TV schedule? Let us know in the comments section below.

2) There goal by Costa against POR where VAR was used of possible interference by him on PEPE of POR. The FOX commentator said there def. a foul. While ESPN called it right in that PEPE used some theatrics when elbowed..

If you dont mind Spanish-language broadcasts, then your best bet would be to watch the games for free on Telemundo using your indoor antenna. Therell only be a handful of games that will be shown live on Universo. You can either subscribe to a free trial of fuboTV for that, or skip those games.

More details about the daily shows from FOX can be found here: well as here:

So looking at the schedule above, are you saying that Fox Sports is the paid channel and just plain Fox is the free channel? If thats the case, it looks to me like less matches are on the free channel especially on week ends. Also, how do I figure out the central times for the matches? And last but not least, do you know if they are going to tape delay some of the matches on more convenient times? Thanks.

Will Telemundo & FOX announce kickoff times and TV schedule after the WC draw.

Is the Brazil-Mexico Game on FOX or FS1? FOX SPORTS has marketed both so Im not sure.

Too bad that Fox has allowed affiliates to opt out of covering some games. Thats not a good look.

Youtube TV has Fox, FS1 and FS2 ( at least for me ). Its $35/month. Any reason you dont have it listed as an option here?

56 matches will be shown on Telemundo, and the rest of them, on Universo, right? Can I also find Universo for free through my rabbit ears? Have a nice day!

onNBC increases Premier League games on NBC Sports Gold for new season

Please dont use jp delacamera

Belgium vs. England (3rd place final), 10am, FOX, Telemundo,fuboTVSling TVandPlayStation Vue(7-day free trial)

France vs. Croatia (Final), 11am, FOX, Telemundo,fuboTVSling TVandPlayStation Vue(7-day free trial)

For all of the times listed, add 5 hours to figure out what the UK kickoff time is.

Thanks for your answer. I have another question. I have a pair of rabbit ears and the only FOX channel I get is FOX KDFW (I live in Dallas). Is there any difference between FOX and FOX KDFW? And will the World Cup be broadcasted on my local FOX channel? Thanks for your help!

Yes, I believe youre correct.

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