World Cup TV coverage FAQ Answering questions about Russia 2018 TV schedule

Jorge Perez-Navarro (on loan from ESPN Deportes Miami bureau) will call play by play (Spanish naming convention. Perez is his surname.)

FOXs lineup features commentators John Strong/Stu Holden, JP Dellacamera/Tony Meola, Derek Rae/Aly Wagner, Glenn Davis/Cobi Jones, Mark Followill/Warren Barton and Jorge Perez-Navarro/Mariano Trujillo. Match presenters and analysts include: Rob Stone (presenter), Kate Abdo (presenter), Fernando Fiore (presenter), Ian Joy (presenter), Alexi Lalas, Aly Wagner, Ian Wright, Lothar Matthus, Moises Muoz, Kelly Smith, Hernan Crespo, Guus Hiddink and Dr Joe Machnik.

Q: Where is the World Cup TV schedule?

onRonaldo ends nine-year Madrid reign, joins Juventus

What do you want? A world cup with just Brazil, Argentina, Germany & Spain to start with?

Heres more info on the World Cup in 4K:

Not on June 16, right? FRA-AUS at 5:00 AM CT/6 ET

In addition, Telemundo Deportes announced its first ever daily special prime-time show exclusively dedicated to World Cup, live on Telemundo. Airing nightly at 7 p.m. ET on Telemundo, throughout the duration of the tournament, the show marks the first time ever a U.S. broadcaster of the World Cup produces a prime time show solely dedicated to the World Cup.

Its actually these sort of games that make the world cup what it is. The best sporting tournament in the world.

If Fox was smart it would use the world feed for commentary. Now that the US is not in the tournament it wont matter. Will save them some money as well.

A:Read our complete list ofinternational commentaries available for the World Cupincluding Arabic, French, Portuguese and Polish.

Im not aware of anything, sorry!

Your guess is as good as mine how FOX will mix and match LA-based announcers for teams 4-6. We do know that only American accents will be considered by David Neal, so the pool of suspects narrow: Glenn Davis, Mark Followill, Mark Rogodino (pxp); Cobi Jones, Tony Meola, Brian Dunseth (analyst).

Q: Who will be showing World Cup 2018 for viewers in the United States?

FOX Sports has released no details about re-runs, but games will be available on-demand via their FOX Sports Go and FOX Sports apps.

At least when ESPN had it, it was on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC. All providers carried those channels.

A:Weve created aWorld Cup TV schedulethat combines all of the viewing options available to soccer fans in the United States.

A:Telemundo will have 17 hours of 2018 World Cup coverage per day, which will total over 500 hours of World Cup-related programming across Telemundo and Universo as well as more than 1,000 hours of original content across Telemundo Deportes digital platforms.

I wish I can spend a month overseas or even go to Canada and watch the World Cup in style instead of watching it on Fox Sports. Canada will use the world feed for commentary while it looks like Fox will be using its domestic crew from LA. Think about it people, JP Dellacamera calling a Germany or England game. Are you kidding me, No thanks. We miss you ESPN.

So now you have read their contracts??? Your worthless

Im enjoying the football World Cup coverage I think theyre doing a good job. One question: do you happen to know whos got the rights for Euro 2020? Fox or ESPN? Thanks.

A:Its the first time ever that FOX Sports and Telemundo have televised a mens World Cup tournament. FOX Sports televised the 2015 Womens World Cup, while Telemundos parent company NBC Universal has hosted several Olympics.

Oh, well, it means I will get a lot more work done and can afford to skip a good portion of the group stage games on weekdays . Thats going to be a first for me, but, I mean, Panama v. Tunisia; Poland Senegal; there are some truly awful matches early on that unless you have nothing better to do or your country isnt playing, then-me-h.

FOX Sports will televise all of the games across its network of channels including FOX, FS1, FS2 and FOX Soccer Plus.

onEnglands inexperience shows as World Cup dream is dashed

FOX Sports presentation of the global event features more soccer matches on broadcast television than the last four World Cups combined (English-language).

Now that Brad Friedel is no longer available (head coach of New England Revolution), the analyst role on the 2 team will be split between Stuart Holden and Aly Wagner, with Wagner almost a LOCK to call the 3rd place game due to her experience as a player at World Cup 3rd place matches (she did NOT mail it in, unlike Alexi Lalas who mailed in the 1995 Copa America 3rd place match.) JP DellaCamera will be the 2 play-by-play man.

On a daily basis, FOX will keep viewers updated on all of the latest news, discussion and highlights with two shows. The first is World Cup Live. Itll be hosted by Kate Abdo from 6am ET as it previews that days action. The matches will be hosted by Rob Stone. Then every evening, FOX will broadcast World Cup Tonight every afternoon from Russia with Fernando Fiore as the host of the daily highlights and discussion show.

When he said time for me to disappear for a while he meant just while he took a nap.

•International Champions Cup TV Schedule

A:While beIN SPORTS does not have the rights to broadcast the World Cup, beIN SPORTS will have animpressive list of original content during the World Cup.

For FOX Sports, 65% of FOX Sports commentators will be housed in Los Angeles calling the World Cup games off TV monitors. The others John Strong/Stu Holden and JP Dellacamera/Tony Meola will be calling games from the stadiums in Russia.

Im sure Kate Abdo will get a lot of screen time, Fox loves their female hosts. Im guessing she will come out of this World Cup as a superstar, and get a major broadcasting job for other sports in addition to soccer.

Q: How will Telemundo differentiate itself from FOX Sports (and vice-versa)?

A:Telemundo Executive Producer Jim Bell says that this World Cup will be the most consumed event in Spanish-language history given the proliferation of [mobile, computer and tablet] screens, social and digital and good ol linear television. No specific estimates were given in terms of numbers, but the expectations are high.

Q: What are the plans to broadcast the World Cup games on radio?

Q: How many homes is Telemundo available in?

Expecting FOX Sports to deploy 3 Mexicans for all matches involving Mexico through the quarterfinal round.

Meanwhile, its understood thatFOX Sports slashed their World Cup budgetas a result of the US Mens National Team failing to qualify.

A:Since Russia is hosting the games and the country has a significant time zone difference with the United States, the kick-off times arent optimal for viewers in the States. Heres the complete list ofWorld Cup kickoff times. Most games will be at 8am ET, 11am ET and 2pm ET.

Q: What will FOXs schedule of pre-match, post-match and entertainment shows look like?

Q: Will Telemundo have an SAP option?

A:Telemundo is in more than 53 million homes in the United States. It reaches 94% of U.S. Hispanic viewers in 210 markets through its 17 owned stations and 55 broadcast affiliates. In addition, Telemundo also owns WKAQ, a local television station serving Puerto Rico.

how do we watch 4K world up matches in the US?

Q: What talent will the networks have for World Cup 2018?

onRonaldo: Football legend takes his talents to Juventus

World Cup TV coverage FAQ: Answering questions about Russia 2018 TV schedule

I bet the whole of Russia & Saudi Arabia cant wait for the tourney opener. Plus a lot of other soccer fans round the world. Myself included.

Not a word from FOX. Ive asked their PR department, but no word back. It sounds like they havent made a decision yet.

onFOX Sports World Cup TV coverage: Everything you need to know

World Cup shirts for all 32 teams

A:Telemundos Jim Bell says, I think our coverage is always different. I think its more authentic. We all believe its more fun. And having our announcers at the venues, depending on how far FOX cuts back, I think everyone believes that you just get a better call when you smell the grass and seeing it in three dimensions and calling it from the booth.

Another option for Fox would be to cover the tournament by embracing one of the nations and using analysts from that nation. It will make it more interesting and give the coverage some edge.

Q: What are the kickoff times for the World Cup 2018 games?

Correct. The France-Australia game kicks off at 6am ET that day, so World Cup Live wont be on at 6am ET that morning.

Universo is available in more than 40 million households.

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A:FOX Sports has the exclusive English-language rights to World Cup 2018, while Telemundo has the exclusive Spanish-language rights to World Cup 2018.

A:Telemundos lineup includes Andres Cantor, Sammy Sadovnik, Miguel Gurwitz, Ana Jurka, Carlos Hermosillo, Karim Mendiburu, Copan Alvarez, Manuel Sol, Juan Pablo Sorn, Claudio Borghi, Sebastin El Loco Abreu, Rolando Fonseca, Juan Pablo ngel and Horacio Elizondo.

onRonaldo ends nine-year Madrid reign, joins Juventus

onCroatias World Cup success divides Balkan neighbours

Q: How can I stream the World Cup legally and not miss anything?

I know its about money, but FIFA should not have awarded Fox the WC unless all the games are available on channels that 99.99% who have cable and Sat can get and not on a specialty channel

Telemundo will offer a special multi camera 4K feed available on a video-on-demand, next-day basis for every game through Comcast and xFinity.

A:After reviewing all of the streaming services available, we recommendfuboTVmore details here).

Itll be on FS1 every morning from 6am ET.

A:Every single game will be shown live in the United States. According to Telemundo, 56 of the 64 games will be shown live on Telemundo while the remaining eight matches will be on Universo.

Will there be 4K Ultra HD broadcast in the USA? if so I am assuming the rights are not exclusive to Hisense TVs, correct?

Schedule of soccer friendlies in USA this summer

Mariano Trujillo (on loan from FOX Deportes) will be the analyst, both in the booth and in the studio.

World Cup Live from FOX will it be on FS1 or FOX.

onFOX Sports World Cup TV coverage: Everything you need to know

A:Hisense and FOX Sports have partnered to broadcast the games in 4K HDR. Read morehere. Games will also be available viaDIRECTV(read more aboutDIRECTVs 4K coverage).

As for the other commentators, we know:

Not many exciting games, to be honestI cant wait for the tourney opener between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Said NO ONE EVER!

World Cup TV coverage FAQ: Answering questions about Russia 2018 TV schedule

John Strong and Landon Donovan will be the 1 team at FOX Sports, as BOTH have contractual language guaranteeing them spots on the 1 team.

Q: How much World Cup coverage will each network have?

Read ourguide to FOXs World Cup commentators, analysts and presenters.

A:As of press time, FOX Sports have released zero details on their radio plans. What we do know is that Ftbol de Primera will broadcast the games on Spanish-language radio (seeradio schedule). Here are the alternatives tolisten to the World Cup on radioin the United States for English-language soccer fans.

Q: What impact will the United States not qualifying for the 2018 World Cup have on the coverage?

onCroatias World Cup success divides Balkan neighbours

FOX Sports will televise 38 games on the over-the-air big FOX network while 26 will be on FS1.

onIMG combining FA Cup TV rights with Serie A to try to force sale in USA, says source

And check out ourguide to Telemundos commentators, presenters and studio analysts.

This will be the 1st WC since 1982 that I wont be able to watch all the games because Fox decided to put some games on an off channels and providers refuse to carry.

onEnglands inexperience shows as World Cup dream is dashed

A:Telemundo has announced that they will have announcers in the stadiums for approximately 65% of the games, while the other 35% of games will feature commentators announcing games from the International Broadcast Center in Moscow. Telemundos lead commentator will be Andres Cantor who has worked at 10 World Cup tournaments in his stellar career.

Hi there I thought Id check one more time if you heard anything about possible tape delays in English of World Cup football matches. Let me know at your convenience. Thanks.

Publisher of World Soccer Talk, Christopher Harris founded the site in 2005. He has been interviewed by The New York Times, The Guardian and several other publications. Plus he has made appearances on NPR, BBC World, CBC, BBC Five Live, talkSPORT and beIN SPORT. Harris, who was born and raised in Wales, has lived in Florida since 1984, and supported Swansea City since 1979. Last but not least, he got engaged during half-time of a MLS game.

A:Universo will carry encore presentations of each days games beginning at 5 p.m. ET every day from Friday, June 15 through Sunday, June 24. During the last week of the group stage, from Monday, June 25, through Thursday, June 28, encores will begin at 4:30 p.m. ET. For the round of 16 and through the Final, encore presentations will air each night beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

A:Read our article tofind out all of the details.

What happened to the self imposed ban? One week? Pleasefor murdering multiple websites any reasonable prosecutor would opt for 20 to life.

Gaffer, what time will World Cup Tonight air in the evenings? and what Network? Im assuming FS1

For soccer fans in the United States, weve compiled all of the details about theWorld CupTV schedule and World Cup TV coverage in one place. Plus weve answered several questions from you, the readers, so you have all of the information you need at your fingertips.

Cord cutters guide to World Cup 2018

International Champions Cup TV schedule

Q: What are the expectations from the broadcasters regarding the number of viewers that will tune in to the World Cup games?

Anybody trust fox (NO) or anyone trust Fox News ( I dont think so ) so perhaps no one trust FOX sports ???

Francisco X Rivera will be the touchline reporter.

ESPNandUnivision Deportesare also offering a ton of World Cup coverage.

Youre kidding right?! FS2 and Fox Soccer Plus?! Channels that most providers dont carry and you have to pay extra to get FSP if provider does carry it. This is the freakin World Cup and not the Super Bowl or some other one country tournament. I will watch most games on Telemundo but looks like Ill miss a few that arent on Telemundo (shown on Universo)

A:No, Telemundo will not have a SAP option. Telemundo has the exclusive Spanish-language rights so theyre not allowed to broadcast games in English-language even via SAP. Vice-versa, FOX Sports will not have a SAP option to feature Spanish-language commentary.

Q: How can I watch the World Cup in 4K HDR?

We sometimes promote 3rd party products via affiliate marketing links. We use and believe in these products.

Q: Where can I find commentaries of the World Cup in languages other than English and Spanish?

onFA Cup TV schedule and streaming links

onFA Cup TV schedule and streaming links

Q: How many games will be televised live on FOX Sports and Telemundo?

Our goal from the beginning has been to create the most authentic and consumer-engaging coverage of a World Cup that has ever been seen in the United States, said Telemundo Deportes Executive Vice President Eli Velazquez. Were looking at how we can create the most engaging, in-depth and authentic coverage that will be relatable not just to diehard soccer fans but also to the casual fans.

FOX Sports promises 350 hours of FIFA World Cup programming.

Since for Wednesday 4-Jul or Thursday 5-Jul there are no scheduled live football matches, are you aware of any World Cup shows on Fox or FS1 on these two days? Thanks.

FOX Sports Executive Producer David Nealsaysthat We are not going to judge ourselves on the ratings and the numbers and it is really is an apples to oranges comparison. We will judge ourselves on the level of excellence we expect from ourselves and we wont get distracted by numbers.

32 teams is about 8 too manyyet they want to completely nullify the excitement of qualifiers and get the tournament to 100 teams or whatever shortsighted, money grabbing idea FIFA has now conjured

Q: How many games will feature commentators from Telemundo and FOX Sports at the stadiums in Russia, and what is the lineup of commentators who will be there?

Q: How many World Cup tournaments has FOX Sports and Telemundo televised before?

A:Its unfortunate that the United States didnt make it in [to the World Cup], said Telemundo Deportes President Ray Warren. But were going to serve our fans because its the World Cup. We have no plans to do anything less because of [the US not qualifying].

Q: What programming will beIN SPORTS have during the World Cup?

Q: What about reruns of World Cup games for soccer fans who miss the live games?

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