World Cup 2018 stadiums (Russia

They failed in December, failed in March. The latest deadline for Samara Arena is April 25, just 3 days (!) before the first game. This cannot end well and it wont. According to fine reporting by Kommersant, more issues with the stadium will surface.

Its the single last stadium weve been missing before the 2018 World Cup. It may also be the least impressive stadium, despite a very considerable budget. It comes alive at night, though, when the facades change into a giant screen.

Now its only Samara still struggling to reach the finish line as Mordovia Arena has been given permission for use on Monday. The stadium in Saransk is one of the more curious investments of the World Cup.

The concept behind it is fascinating. Due to cost-cutting it wasnt implemented as planned, but still the new Nizhny Novgorod stadium is one-of-a-kind. Now the question is: will it generate enough revenue?

In all sincerity, its one of our favourite stadiums of the World Cup. Almost unchanged despite cost-cutting, delivered with disciplined time frame and budget, beautifully located. Sure, not flawless, but Volgograd Arena is ready to amaze visitors!

Our database counts: 1901stadiums, 735stadium designs, 208stadiums under construction, 128tournament stadiumsand 60historical stadiums.

We knew this stadium would be high on the list, but did not see it coming until we saw the votes. Unanimously appreciated by the Jury, here is the latest Stadium of the Year, Luzhniki!

Sports complexes around Nizhny Novgorod received a letter asking them to offer workers for urgent works at the N. Novgorod stadium. The work would not be paid for. Now authorities claim it was inaccurate.

Even though its been in use for 5 years, the gem of Tatarstan is still struggling to generate revenue. Key issue? Relations between the stadium and Rubin Kazan. After the World Cup further efforts will be made to ensure future profitability.

Tickets were sold out well in advance and almost 27,000 people watched Ural defeat championship hopefuls Spartak Moskva. The stadium itself? Its been ready for weeks…

Later than expected, but soon enough to carry out the required 3 test games before FIFA takes over. The amazing new stadium in Volgograd has received the green light for use.

The operation of dismantling temporary stands at Ekaterinburg Arena will begin before FIFA officials leave Russia. Between July and November the stadium will see capacity decrease from 33,000 to 23,000.

The spaceship stadium was the single last one to land and open its doors to Russian spectators ahead of the 2018 World Cup. Its not really finished yet, but operational and ready for the international tournament.

Its the only stadium not to be handed over for the 2018 World Cup yet. Its thus no surprise that Samara Arena is also the last one to get its field. In fact, installation wont be complete until just before the first game.

Make no mistake, construction isnt over. Still, Samara Arena was officially approved for use today, just 24 hours before its first test game ahead of the 2018 World Cup.

Today the single last inspection by FIFA representatives took place before opening of the new Kaliningrad stadium in two weeks. Its almost fully prepared and should safely hold the planned 3 test games.

It may have come 3 months later than expected, but it did come eventually. Stadion Nizhny Novgorod received the green light and opening game is just 2 months away.

Many found it hard to believe that the football-crazy Krasnodar didnt make the list, while obscure Saransk did. But when other cities didnt even have renderings, Saransk already had construction ongoing. Enough to strengthen Russias World Cup bid.

After the first test game in Volgograd a nationwide scandal broke out in Russia. How can a new stadium be cracking already? Well, it can, as the contractor assures about its safety.

The notorious new stadium in Saint Petersburg will once more be the subject of legal dispute as the Construction Committee demands RUB 4.89 billion from its second contractor. The company, Metrostroi, sees the lawsuit as invalid.

Its been one of the most changed stadiums of the World Cup. What we see built is already the 4th concept applied for the Oktyabrsky Ostrov site. The most modest one, but still likeable.

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