World Cup 2018 Adidas releases sick jerseys for Messis Argentina Spain and more

Quick take:A beautiful jersey for the Colombians, with that zigzag of blue and red complimenting the shirt well. The 2014 World Cup jersey was too much yellow and not enough flair. This one has more flair than that male waiter at Chotchkies.

Haca tiempo que la seleccin española no vesta una camiseta tan bonita. Tod@s con la roja /OAMPk7vW0o

Germanys jersey for the 2018 World Cup. A jersey that is deserving of another World Cup m/UvFx2S8D0B

The top two teams in the Premier League square off on Sunday

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Mexicos 2018 World Cup green jersey ??

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The Blues go on the road for a match they are expected to win

Juventus is 7-0-0 in league with 16 goals and five conceded

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The Red Devils pulled off a crazy comeback

The jerseys for countries who will wear Adidas at the 2018 World Cup have been released. On Friday, the German sportswear company showed off the new shirts for teams like Argentina, Germany and Spain, and boy are they all unique. Take a look:

Alexis saves United with late winner

Messi and company head to Mestalla after beating Tottenham

Quick take:Too plain. Doesnt do it for me. If the green on the ribs was red or white, maybe it would be different. From the chest up, it looks like those old jerseys in Eurosport you could get for your Sunday league team at eight dollars a pop.

Muy originales los tipos les parece?

Nuestra nueva camiseta titular Copa Mundial FIFA 2018 . Conseguila en:

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Quick take:A recreation of Belgiums 84 jersey, it is pretty nice but looks more like a training shirt. The sleeves and shoulders are a bit plain for me.After these, it wasnt going to get any better.

The young star midfielder was injured on Saturday

Quick take:This one is simple but also beautiful at the same time. The federation logo of the hosts is enlarged, and the white coming down from the shoulder is a nice touch. Good, not great.

Okay now make sense. Adidas recreate belgiums 1984

Quick take:The classic vertical stripes, just with less of them. The plan sleeves are a nice contrast, as are the shoulders. A lovely jersey.

World Cup 2018: Adidas releases sick jerseys for Messis Argentina, Spain and more

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Quick take:This feels like athrowback to the 1994 World Cup. The purple may seem a bit odd, but it adds a nice touch and isnt too much. Those diamond, zigzag-like shapes seem to be a bit of a trend with many of the Adidas jerseys this year. Solid look.

Quick take:Classy. The design on the front is unique but still lets all of us to appreciate the strong white home color jersey the team is known for. A lovely, bold jersey for the reigning champs.


These are some sweet-looking kits — well, most of them

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World Cup 2018: Adidas releases sick jerseys for Messis Argentina, Spain and more

World Cup 2018 Adidas releases sick jerseys for Messis Argentina Spain and more

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