When do the NBA playoffs start? Date schedule first round match-ups and more

LeBron James: Why Cavs star was pulled early from Knicks clash

NBA Draft 2018 LEAKED: Have the top picks been revealed?

Kawhi Leonard trade: Spurs man SAVAGED by club legend Theres nothing but excuses

Lakers news: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George huge hint dropped in NBA Draft

The Golden State Warriors have finally been knocked off their perch by the Houston Rockets with James Harden enjoying another MVP-calibre season alongside new team-mate Chris Paul.

When do the NBA playoffs start? Date, schedule, first round match-ups and more

LeBron James next team: Chris Paul Houston Rockets tension could have major implications

NBA Draft RECAP: DeAndre Ayton selected No 1, Doncic traded, Knicks fans boo again

Lakers news: Kawhi Leonard huge trade warning sent because of Lonzo Ball

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Vinnie Paul dead: How did the Pantera drummer die? Whats his cause of death?

BREXIT REVEALED: This EU country is the TOUGHEST on Britain as talks risk COLLAPSING

Kawhi Leonard trade: Spurs legend SLAMS AllStar Be a leader, take control

Kawhi Leonard told to torch the franchise to join the Lakers from the Spurs

The Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled during the regular season and fell behind the rampant Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference while the Toronto Raptors clinched top seed with a franchise record 57 wins.

When do the NBA playoffs start? Date, schedule, first round match-ups and more

Luka Doncic: Hawks agree to trade NBA Draft No 3 pick to Mavericks

The NBA regular season is now over with the 16 teams set with some interesting match-ups for the first round.

Lakers news: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George major prediction made

LeBron James: Cavs star in talks over shock decision in free agency – report

THE NBA playoffs are nearly upon us now with teams battling for the top seeds. Find out below when the postseason gets underway.

Kawhi Leonard trade: Spurs not working with Lakers because of LeBron James – report

Kawhi Leonard trade: Lakers sent devastating blow by Spurs

Russell Westbrook: OKC star makes HUGE claim after historic night

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Kawhi Leonard trade: Spurs chief delivers critical statement on Lakers rumours

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Whats unclear to you? Remoaner Cable SHUT DOWN with THIS brilliant point about Brexit

LeBron James free agency: Date revealed on when Cavs star will make decision

It promises to be a fascinating postseason and you can find out below everything you need to know.

LeBron James: Cavs star makes bold claim ahead of NBA playoffs

London fire: Leyton warehouse sees 120 firefighters scramble issuing warning to locals

LeBron James: Cleveland Cavaliers need THIS to happen to be able to keep NBA star

Lakers news: Paul George to OKC rumours are FRAUD, Lakers still likely insider

LeBron James makes blackout announcement ahead of NBA playoffs

There are also several teams who could spring a surprise like the All-Star trio of Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Russell Westbrook at Oklahoma City Thunder and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Kawhi Leonard trade: Boston Celtics should offer NOTHING for Spurs man Smith

LeBron James: Insider reveals the ONE thing that could keep him in Cleveland

Kawhi Leonard trade: Spurs man has no relationship with LeBron James insider

Kawhi Leonard trade: Lakers make first official contact with Spurs over huge move – report

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Celtics news: No 27 pick Robert Williams goes AWOL less than 24 hours after being drafted

EU FURY: True extent of UKs AWFUL Brexit negotiators progress REVEALED

Express Sport takes a look at the 2018 free agents in NBA


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