What is the average salary for a Canadian Football League player

The Canadian Football League (CFL) may be our response to the National Football League. However, although the excitement of the two leagues may be similar, the salary of Canadian football players lags far behind the salary of American counterparts.

Minimum Starting Salaries In The CFL

The high draft pick in the CFL will receive a small signing bonus in the first year, with a salary of approximately $50,000. Lower choices and unselected free agents are more likely to have a minimum CFL salary of $41,000 per year. All eight teams operate within a range of $4.2 million for each of the league’s wage limits. The league conducts individual team reviews during the offseason and penalizes teams that exceed the cap.

Keep in mind that the typical CFL season is about six months. It will last longer because the player needs to stay in shape and report to the training camp as early as possible. This is where the players have to impress the head coach and regain their position in the starting lineup. By the way, these head coaches can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars to two or three times a year.

CFL Wages Are Increasing, But Nowhere Near NFL Salaries

Prior to joining CFL in 2002, Edmonton Eskimo quarterback Ricky Ray offered Frito Lay chips for $43,000 a year, more than last year in Edmonton. By the middle of 2000, Ray was the highest-paid player in the CFL, with an annual salary of nearly $400,000.

At the same time, Edmonton kicker Sean Fleming said at the time, “I worked full-time at Price Waterhouse Coopers all year round. I worked for a year and a half. Before that, I was an investment consultant at National Bank Financial. So basically I have a full-time job, and this [soccer] is my part-time job. “Not for Ricky Ray, their salary increased to $460,000 in 2009 – buy a lot of potato chips!

Although not that much, the Star National Football League (NFL) quarterback Eli Manning. Mr. Manning agreed to renew his contract with the New York Giants in 2009, which will give him the highest annual salary in the NFL. The six-year extension may reach $97.5 million, running through the 2015 season.

Moonlighting and Off-Season Work

Some of the more famous CFL players perform well on professional speech tracks and can increase their income. Former Toronto Argonaut Michael “Pellet” Clemens – has been performing there from 1989 to 2000 – turned his reputation into a very profitable concert between the two games.

Others bring their athletic ability to other areas. For example, Ian Smart, the BC Lions return boat returner, is a sprint coach at a private high school in Florida.

There are other players who work overtime or off-season in completely unrelated work. Take George Hudson and Greg Bearman as examples. They played center and guard with the former Ottawa Renegades (now disbanded CFL team). When these gentlemen did not beat their opponents on the court, the gentlemen collaborated on a business that could take back the cars of those who could not pay. Can you imagine these two behemoths let your car be taken away by you? Sir, there is no debate here.

After football

The CFL is a tough workplace where every player gets his lumps. Of course, when leaving the game, people will continue to pursue other professions.

Some people become coaches for college and high school football teams. Some have evolved into sports broadcasters or turned into scouts looking for fresh young talent for former employers.

Others have made CFL a lifelong employer, such as Pinball Clements. After hanging his studs in 2000, he became the head coach of the Toronto Argo Heroes. In the end, he has been working for the chairman of the organization. Then enter the second stage as the head coach of the team. From there, the CEO of Argos. By 2009, he served as the vice chairman of the team, responsible for a range of responsibilities, including providing input and assistance for key sales and corporate partner programs, community initiatives, and brand and media relationships.

There Are Less Painful Ways To Make A Living

fracture. concussion. Contusion and muscle rupture. All of this is a day’s work for CFL fighters. Don’t think about it, all the pads they wear in uniform will protect them from bruises.

However, playing in the CFL team is really exciting. Unparalleled friendship, cheers from the crowd you admire. Just like working overtime to win the Grey Cup. These second jobs can broaden your horizons and let the wolves come out of your door. Who can get it all?

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