The Open

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Join The One Club today to guarantee access to presale tickets for The Open

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Purchase Tickets and Premium Tickets for The 147thOpen at Carnoustie

Meet the players of The 147thOpen at Carnoustie

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Explore the venues that have hosted golfs oldest championship

Check out the latest gifts and accessories from The Open.

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Find a place to stay with the Official Open Accommodation Bureau

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Complete the Online Entry Form for The 147thOpen at Carnoustie in 2018

Played since 1860, this is the one where it all began

Free camping for Under 25s. Book your place at The Open Camping Village

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Explore the history of the Golf Champion Trophy, better known as the Claret Jug

Shop our womens collection of polos, outerwear and knitwear to look the part at The Open.

Shop our mens collection of polos, outerwear and knitwear to look the part for The Open.

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The road to Carnoustie begins with The Open Qualifying Series

Learn about exemption categories and players that have earned exemptions

The players that have become Champion Golfer of the Year

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Getting to The 147thOpen at Carnoustie

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Commemorative ranges now available for The 146th, 147th and 148th Open Championships.

The 147thOpenCarnoustie15th- 22ndJuly 2018

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Discover the history of golfs one true test

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Regional Qualifying takes place on 25 June

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The players who have qualified from The Open Qualifying Series

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Explore Carnoustie The home of The 147th OpenthOpen

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