The Average Salary of a CFL Player

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The MMQB: The CFLs Most Outstanding Player Moonlights as a Banker

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Because of the low salary in the CFL, many players — even those who are superstars — work at second jobs during the offseason. Calgary Stampeders running back Jon Cornish, who earned the award as the leagues most outstanding player in 2013, worked as a banker during the months between football seasons at the time of publication. Kory Sheets, a running back for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, has worked for a trucking company. Although some NFL players worked second jobs several decades ago, this practice is uncommon due to higher salaries.

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The Canadian Football League doesnt have the same widespread appeal as the National Football League, but Canadian fans cherish the sport that boasts a larger game ball and playing field. Salaries north of the border, however, arent as big. The average CFL player salary in 2014 in the nine-team was just a fraction of the NFL average, even despite the longer 18-game schedule.

The average player salary in the CFL isnt made public. A 2014 article in The MMQB, a Sports Illustrated-run football website, estimated the average salary in the league at $80,000. The average NFL player made $1.9 million in 2012.

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McCoy, William. The Average Salary of a CFL Player last modified July 05, 2017.

McCoy, William. The Average Salary of a CFL Player.

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McCoy, William. (2017, July 05). The Average Salary of a CFL Player.

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