Tennis Player Julia Goerges Deserves Your Attention [PHOTOS

If Julia isnt in bikini shoots by August well be absolutely shocked. Why? Because womens tennis is stale right now and needs a fresh face, especially one with, um, that chest. Of course Goerges isnt going to win a Grand Slam this year. We dont expect that. A quarterfinals here and there would help.She was knocked out of the Aussie Open on Monday in her 4th round match.

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Add it up, boys. Dont say we didnt warn you way back.

• Doesnt look ridiculous when her hair isnt pulled back like some of these chicks

•Her YouTube upload videos are legendary

tough day at the office today:(unfortunately i was not able to show some good tennis of those days,shit it happens in the fourth round of a grand slam.but i can still take a lot of positive things out of it and will learn from was again great here,like every year!

But its now up to us, Internet. Are we going to keep rolling along with our fake relationship with Sharapova? Or are we going to move our attention towardsGoerges who sends out tweets such as

Look at that, not afraid to drop some profanity on Twitter. Meanwhile, Kournikova doesnt even use Twitter.

•Tweets in English & is easy to read

Its very rare to find a tennis player these days that causes us to stop and take notice. Sure, Kournikova did her thing and Sharapova goes about her business. We think BC has found the next great one thatll dominate the Internet for the next few years. Her name is. Shes German. 23. Chesty. Looks insane in a dress and has two WTA victories. Kournikova had0.

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