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Bolt on a tradition of excellence to your vehicle with this complete set of Bilstein Sport Shocks & Struts. Designed for the performance minded automotive enthusiast, these Sport Shocks & Struts allow an unparalleled level of control. Designed for use with either stock or lowering springs or upgraded sway bars, the set will take your suspension to a new level of performance.

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Before beginning suspension work, analyze all components susceptible to wear to be sure that you order everything you need for service. Be sure you have all of the proper tools as well. If not, check ECS Tunings tool section for specialty tools for European cars.

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The shocks and struts absorb a good amount of the shock and bounce while driving to give you a more comfortable ride. Over the years, the road takes a serious toll on your suspension. Pot holes, speed bumps, and road hazards all contribute to a sloppy, weak suspension. A bumpy ride on a suspension that bottoms out over small bumps are indications that your shocks & struts may have reached the end of their life. Replace yours with this kit, which includes both front and rear heavy duty shocks and struts, to restore your ride comfort and performance.

*Bilstein also offers an incredible lifetime warranty to the purchaser of the product. The only place this warranty does not extend is air suspension or motor-sports products.

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