Ramos is accused of being a public enemy of the enemy + criminal If you want to play ball to be him?

While holding the Champions League trophy, Ramos was dismissed as a public enemy

The Champions League final fell, the Liverpool team was bitterly anomalous, and Carius must be the hardest one. Real Madrid’s team enjoys the joy of victory, but there are people among them who are also mixed with bitterness. This person is undoubtedly Real Madrid captain Ramos.

After a big battle, two players were labeled as “fools” by the media: Carrius and Ramos. Carrius was dismissed as a guilty convict. This is very understandable. Because of his two low-level mistakes, he almost gave two goals to Real Madrid. He committed such a serious mistake in a final and naturally became a team. Lost the crown of the “crime sin.” As for Ramos, he made two “defensive moves” that caused serious consequences.

Ramos’s first controversy occurred in the 25th minute of the game. When he was defending and sandwiched with Salah’s arms, the next big thing happened: Liverpool had 45 games and 44 goals. Saalah fell to the ground with a direct shoulder toss, which prevented him from insisting that he be injured early. Liverpool once suppressed Real Madrid’s momentum.

This is not yet Ramos’s only controversial action. In the following 49th minute, he once again caused controversy. In a fight in the penalty zone, Ramos “elected” Carrius’s head. After 2 minutes, Carrieus’s inexplicable hand throws the ball directly to Benzezema’s foot and throws the ball. Former star guard Kahn commented: “You can guess that this elbow affected Carius. After all, his elbow was uncomfortable. In that case, Ramos’ behavior was very Not necessary.” Again, Ramos became the referee.

Elbow on Carrius's headElbow on Carrius’s head


Two defensive moves led Liverpool to suffer a series of losses. It is said that Ramos was the first hero to win Real Madrid and it seems not to be an error. However, Ramos had to bear the anger of fans. After the Champions League, Ramos was denounced as a public enemy of the football, criminals, etc., denounced Ramos, and became the mainstream of public opinion. So, how do you evaluate Ramos’ performance?

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From a competitive point of view, public opinion on Ramos’s evaluation is divided into two groups. Some fans and netizens ranted that Ramos’s behavior was not fair enough and some “little people”. However, the famous players who played the ball, but they are one side for Ramos. Frank Lampard said: “The criticism of Ramos is unfair. He just did what all defensive players would do.” Rio Ferdinand said: “The Ramos defensive action is very textbook, and very “Well,” said Kahn: “On the school team, you are definitely willing to choose players like Ramos. He is a natural leader.”

There is also a defensive player, he is called Nesta.There is also a defensive player, he is called Nesta.


This is the difference. On the competitive side alone, it seems that each coach would like to have a Ramos in the team. Every player hopes to have a Ramos in the team because he is the kind of player who can lead the team to win. He is the kind of player who can irritate the opponent’s angry teeth without any solution. You see, he just led Real Madrid to the Champions League. Ramos is undoubtedly a big winner in terms of both athletics and championships.

However, there are human relationships besides athletics.

Although Ramos won the championship this time, he lost his temperament. At least on the paradox level, Ramos was severely criticized. On the famous online petition website “Change.org”, more than 270,000 people have already petitioned and hope that UEFA and FIFA penalize Ramos. You open any news that involves Ramos, and the bottom-line comments almost completely denounced him. Names and interests, Ramos harvested “profit”, but it is losing “name.”

270,000 people petition to punish Ramos270,000 people petition to punish Ramos

Since ancient times, the highest human embarrassment is fame and fortune, but this seems to be more of an ideal state. Sometimes you can only choose the same one. If you are a professional player, if you are a professional player, would you give up the “name” in an important game and do something that is good for the championship? For example, in the South African World Cup, Uruguay and Ghana’s knockout match, Suarez shot his opponent’s goal on the goal line, he personally ate a red card, but the Uruguay who survived but eliminated Ghana.

This issue is like the paradox of sitting in a BMW car or laughing after sitting on a bicycle. Different pursuits and different values will have different options. At least from the perspective of Ramos’s resume, he apparently chose to hold the trophy for criticism. So if you are a player, how would you choose?

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