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Join us every Tuesday night at 6:15, and every other Saturday at 8 AM to train for the SONO Half Marathon! Group runs will be lead by James and Shannon Whipple, race directors of the half and Outdoor Sports Center Scott Maxwell. Get ready to run!

Getting your bike tuned is absolutely necessary if you want it to perform as safely and efficiently as possible. We created a short 2-minute video that explains how we tune your bike and why the process is so important. Not sure if you need a tune-up? Weve put together a list offour telltale signs that your bike needs some love, below:

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Our commitment remains to promote a friendly and knowledgeable community, to provide only the best gear and service, and to always promote awareness of outdoor resources through their use as a playground.

May 12-18th is Bike to Work Week, ending on National Bike to Work Day, Friday the 18th. Were all for ditching the car to get out and pump our pedals, so Outdoor Sports Center employees have pledged to ride a total of NN miles on Bike to Work Day.

Over 50 years ago John and Sidney Maxwell founded a company called The Ski Hut, in Wilton Center, as a way to share their familys passion for skiing with the community. In 1983 their son, Jack Maxwell changed our name to Outdoor Sports Center, and moved us to 80 Danbury Road in Wilton. The name and location change was part Jacks dream to share his enthusiasm and philosophy; to help grow and nurture respect for the outdoors by using it as our playground. Today, we are still 100% family owned, many of our staff have been with us for 15 years or more, and we are proud to have customers that can recall our Ski Hut heritage.

Weve teamed up with SoundCyclists Bicycle Club to offerFREEweekly Sunday rides starting June 10th led by staff and friends to introduce riders to the store and to the club. These rides will leave from the store parking lot. Its open to the public, but place yourself in an applicable ride group. Once you get the swing of things, you should join theSoundCyclistsBicycle Club to get access to other hundreds of group rides and routes, maps, and directions.

Weve zeroed in on a few of our most avid mountain bikers here at the store to learn more about their most prized possession: their bikes. Read on to find out what styles they ride, what custom pieces are they love the most, and their favorite parks and trails.

To help you have a safe commute, weve put together5 helpful tipsfor Bike to Work Day below.

If youre looking to join the cause and dont have a bike or your commute is long, consider checking out an E-Bike, like theSpecialized Turbo Vado 6.0. It has 3 boost settings, meaning itll make your commute a breeze and get you to the office on time. Built-in powerful headlights in the front and rear means cars will be able to see you on the road even if you have late nights at the office.Whether youre riding through the trail or on the road, the Turbo Vado 6.0 can conquer both. Plus, climbing a dreaded hill is a breeze with its assisted pedaling.

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