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Set in the high-school basketball court of a bunch of eccentric, mushroom-like cartoon characters, this addicting physics-based sports game requires pinpoint accuracy, and some knowledge of angles, trajectory, and power. You have to think on your feet as each shot is from a different part of the court, so you have to quickly adjust your aim accordingly. You dont have to be an NBA All-Star or even a regular basketball fan to become MVP here. This game should be a good fit for fans of fun physics-based puzzle games & online brain teasers where you have to quickly calculate the best solution! Ok Magic Hoops, time to slam dunk any competitors and reach the top of the leaderboard! Keep your eye on the ball!

This addicting sports game is fun for all the family. Its quite challenging however, because Scooby is a dog after all! He isnt a natural soccer skills master, and thats why he needs your help. You need to be quick-fingered to make sure Scooby keeps the ball up. Ready for some canine chaos with Scooby? Give that dog a ball and lets get juggling! Good luck.

The World Cup is the pinnacle of the sport of soccer. Can you lead one of the 16 best teams on the planet to this ultimate podium in international football?World Cup Gloryis a fun online soccer game where you have to guide a miniature 4-man team through 4 challenging playoff games on the way to winning the World Cup trophy.

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

Play Computer Basketball Game -Netblazer:Your objective is to make your way around the 3 point perimeter and make as many shots as you can within the time limit.

Crunchball 3000is a futuristic and aggressive online ball game for teens, which can be played in 1 player or 2 player mode, where you control a team of players in the fastest and most popular sport in the world – Crunchball (a tough mix between handball, American football and ice hockey.) Its the end of the 29th century, and all sports have been banned apart from Crunchball, a high-octane, goal-scoring sport. Your objective is to score as many goals as possible while stopping your opponent from scoring. However, instead of kicking the ball to your teammates and into the goal, you have to throw it.

You must use all of your weaving and dodging skills to help your player reach the end of the field to score a dramatic game winning touchdown. Youll need quick reactions and nifty fingers, as there are so many opposition players trying to take you down. There are gold coins to collect to increase your score, and special power-ups to give you a much-needed boost. Think you can dodge your way to the End Zone? Good, strap on your shoulder pads Turbo, and lets get running!

You may use all 4 arrow keys to find a gap open between the defensive players and run between them. Run very fast when you see a good gap, and run around (or even backwards) from the defensive players if they try to block you. Run and Gun to a touchdown! Go Offense!!

Mini GolfPut the ball in hole through the lawns with the minimum number of shots.

Football Arcadeis a fun online American football game where you control a robust football player (running back) who has to run the whole length of the field to score a great touchdown. Usually you would have teammates to help you get to the End Zone – but this time, youre all on your own against a team of mean, tough-tackling defense guys (cornerbacks, safety..) You must avoid these opponents, collect power-ups, and try not to get tackled in this addicting, fast-paced survival game.

The left side green bar represents the shot power and the longer you hold the mouse the stronger the shot is. Move your mouse around to get the right aiming angle, and then release your mouse button to shoot.

Flick Headers: Euro 2012is a fun and addicting soccer head-tennis game where you have to play against the computer in a quirky one-on-one game of football tennis. You dont have to score goals, or show off fancy flicks, you simply have to head the ball back and forth over a highly-placed net landing it on the opponents side to score! This delightfully simple 1-player game follows the tournament structure of Euro 2012 you can compete as a player from any one of your favorite European football super-heavyweights such as Spain, Italy, Germany or Portugal. Its an even playing field (each team has one player per side), so even weaker nations have a chance!

This funny ball game will really test your quick reactions, as you have to dash around on your side of the net to make sure you keep the ball off the ground. There are also cool power-ups to collect, and fun animations that are brought to life by the eccentric graphics. Are you ready to lead your chosen country to Flick Header glory? Good, its time to get your head in the game!

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Use the space bar to pick up and throw the ball. Try to get the ball in the crosshairs lined up in the center and press space to throw the ball. Only centred balls will make a score. If you dont line up the balls in the crosshairs you will miss. Once you have shot all the balls in your position press the space bar again to move to the next position.

Each ball has a number on it. The number represents the number of seconds left multiplied by ten. Dont forget to take care of the pink ball first.

This onlineBaseballbatting game is so realistic, that you can almost hear the crowd applauding and chanting your name. Since the rules of baseball are almost the same in every league, they apply in this game as well. As the pitcher winds up, a red marker appears indicating where the ball will be thrown. Use your mouse to move the red aim circle towards the center of the marker. The closer to the center you place the aim circle, the straighter your hit will be. Control the direction of your hit by moving the aim circle relative to the marker to hook or slice the ball. This will help you get the ball going where your opponents are not expecting and win some time for you. The red line, above the red aim circle, indicates the direction of your hit. To hit the ball UP, aim just below the marker. To hit the ball DOWN, aim just above the marker.  After the ball is pitched, click the left mouse button to swing. Adjust and time it correctly to hit the sweet spot.

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

Online Pinch Hitter Gameis a fun addicting game for kids who love to play baseball. Ten balls will be pitched at you. If you hit a Home Run you will be pitched an extra ball. You have three batters. If you strike (miss the ball) three times you lose a batter. If you are caught, you will lose a batter. Every time a batter is called out, your score is reduced by half.  When ready, step up the plate and bat for glory!

Snookeris a challenging online two-player cue sport simulation game where you take on a friend or family member in an enthralling frame of snooker (or play yourself as 2 players)! While all cue sports require pinpoint accuracy, smooth cue action, and an ability to analyze angles, snooker is perhaps the most sophisticated of them all combining good strategy, unerring skill, a cool head under pressure, with constant decorum and sportsmanship. This fun and free-flowing online version of snooker puts great emphasis on steady mouse movement as well as aggressive ball-pocketing expertise. Snooker is sometimes referred to as the thinking mans pool. This means that you have to carefully build a break up from scratch while just randomly potting balls without thinking ahead is not going to work! Now, have you got the deft cue skills, the feathered touch, and steely determination to become the king or queen of the snooker table in your home computer? Its time to find out!

Whos your favorite soccer star? Lionel Messi? Cristiano Ronaldo? David Beckham? Well, how about Scooby Doo? Thats right the cute and famous cartoon character has his very own soccer skills game! InScooby Doo: Kickin It, its your job to help Scooby keep the ball off the ground by using the kind of cool soccer skills that even the most talented world football stars would be proud of. Scooby must make sure the ball doesnt touch the ground. He can use his head, paws or tail to play keepy up. If he keeps the ball up long enough to get his Trick Meter full, he can try out some of his more amazing ball-juggling moves! The fancier the flicks, the more points Scooby scores!

When you reflect and think logically about it, basketball is much more than just a bunch of very tall, amazingly agile athletes trying to throw or slam a synthetic ball into a hoop. If you take into account the trajectory, pace and angle calculations that come into play with each shot, its easy to see how physics plays a very big part in this hugely popular global sport!Top Basketballcombines physics and basketball in a wacky, mouse-clicking, skill-based sports game where your aim is to score as many baskets (and points) as you can in two minutes. Your basketball appears in random positions all over the court, and you have to try to quickly judge the correct angle, height and power to put into each shot.

This challenging table top-style, virtual soccer game features some of the elite superpowers in international football history including Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and Italy. Smash in as many spectacular team goals as you can to progress through each round, and take a step closer to becoming the new World Champions. Utilize quick passing skills, fast keyboard work, and shrewd tactics to bamboozle defenders, and whack the ball into the back of the net. Ready to take on the world, Soccer Superstar? Make sure to punish any opposition mistakes, go for Goal, and good luck as always!

Be careful, as not all of these power-ups have a good effect. Some power-ups will add extra obstacles and some have both good and bad sides. Your remaining lives and score are shown at the top of the game screen. Do not move your mouse indicator outside of the game screen area, as then you will not be able to control the paddle.

Think youve got what it takes to be the next Michael Jordan? How about the next Albert Einstein? Thats right – this is a game that mixes basketball and science!Basketball Dareis a fun and addicting sports skill game where the goal is to get the ball into the basket by using your knowledge of physics and gravity! Its not as easy as you think, because in each level, you have to shoot the ball over various obstacles, and it gets more difficult as you progress.

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

This fun and unusual sport-based skill game requires pinpoint accuracy, a steady hand, patience, great determination, and an element of strategic planning as you have to decide the best course or direction to attack each basket. There is even an element of creative engineering required as you sometimes have to create pathways and bridges for future shots. Remember that the ball responds to the effects of gravity, and you have to plan the trajectory and angle of each attempted shot. Even our top MBA stars would be challenged by this entertaining and addicting basketball brainteaser! Strap on your high-top sneakers and strategy cap its time to plan some outside shots!

Basket Balls: Level Packis a challenging online physics & skill-based ball game where you have to sink the ball into a basket as well as ricocheting it off of any pesky referees in as few mouse-clicking shots as possible. This is not like any conventional basketball game youve played. Basket Balls: Level Pack introduces a series of wacky maze-like platform levels where you also have to flip switches, open doors, and smash through obstacles using strategically placed basketball players as well as the terrain around them. Similar in concept to mini-golf, each level has a Par score, and you have to eliminate all of the refs as well as scoring in each basket with the Par amount of shots or less.

Pool Jamis a skill and strategy-based pocket billiards (pool) game where you have to pot as many balls as you can in a 3 minute time limit. This straight-forward table sports game has all the elements of classic 9-ball pool action. Score as many points as you can by pocketing the 9 colored balls with the cue-ball (white ball). Perform cool trick shots, and bank the balls in off the cushions (sides).

In  this onlineBowling Alley Defense Game,red creeps and various celebrities are invading the bowling alley. Use your bowling skills to protect the pins from being stolen, stop the invasion and complete all ten levels. With your earned points you can buy upgrades and power-ups. Buying a bigger ball and increasing power is essential for surviving in later levels. Note that celebrities can also throw things at your pins. Do not let all of the pins become red, because that leads to the loss of a precious life and then the game is over. The level, score and lives remaining are shown at the right top corner of the game screen. Enjoy!

Online ball games for children, teens & Big Kids Play all kinds of fun ball games including online American football games, soccer, baseball games, basketball, golf, online pool games and ball action/ strategy games on your computer. From simple fun activities to more challenging games. Happy ball playing with friends and family on !

Internet Bowling Game- 10 Pin Bowling: To get the perfect bowl, aim your mouse towards the pins, whilst aligning the mouse with the markings on the floor. Push the mouse towards the pins with as much power as possible. Note that the more power you add the faster the ball will go. Also note that all this manoeuvre should start from behind the markings on the floor. A bit of trial and error is required but youll soon be bowling like a professional. Chose two or one player and click start.

Play Mini Pool 2:This is a very fast paced game. Each level requires even more concentration and quick decisions. Your aim is to pot all balls within the time given.

Use your creative engineering abilities to maneuver the ball into the basket bounce it over obstacles and in off walls. You also need to have a keen eye for trajectory in this science-based game, as the ball only goes into the basket if you apply the right power at the correct angle. There is plenty of trial and error potentially required, but its so addicting you wont be able to stop until you get that ball into the basket! Ready to make a Slam Dunk? Show us that basketball magic!

Run N Gun Football Game:American Football game for players with good and fast reactions to a quickly changing situation. You can choose to play PASS or RUN. If you choose PASS – you have to run down the field, find the X mark and stand there to catch the ball. If you RUN – you will have to run down the field with the ball while avoiding the action-craved defensive players.

Crunchball is a very physical game, you have to charge into opponents to get the ball back there are no fouls. You can play against the computer in Career Mode or against a friend in 2 Player Mode. This unique, fast-paced skill game will really test your quick reactions. It will also exercise your strategic planning and game management abilities, as you have to choose the various tactics and formations that your team uses. Ready to play the furious and futuristic sport that is about to take the world by storm? Put on your helmet, its Crunch Time!

Good hand-eye coordination and a little understanding of the motion and geometry involved in your shots will help here. Youll have to calculate the correct angles from which to shoot the cue-ball to succeed. Your decision making will be tested, as you have to strategically choose the right shot depending on the position of the balls on the table. The clock is ticking, so try and pocket as many balls as you can under pressure to get that high score! Ready Pool Wizard? Pick up your cue and lets get potting!

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

Online Star Ball Gameis a space arkanoid / brick buster game for kids and teens. The objective of the game is to complete all levels and get the highest score possible. Your aim is to destroy all bricks by hitting them with a ball or shooting at them. Once you have destroyed all bricks on the current level, you immediately proceed to the next one. Dont let the ball drop out of the play area, as this will mean you lose a life. In order to make your task easier, you can pick up various power-ups.

Internet Bowling Game- King Pin Bowling: Knock all of the Pins over (Do it with one ball for a strike (more points). Click New Game to play. To bowl, click and hold on the GO button. The closer you get to the yellow mark, the more accurate you will be. If you hold for too short a time – the ball will go left, if you hold the GO button for too long, it will go to the right side.

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

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