Metropolis World

Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge

Enriching the metropolitan governance debate in North America

Metropolises standing WithRefugees

Social clauses in public procurement

Informal settlements and poverty alleviation

The urbanization process and urban disease faced by chinese cities. Prof Yao Yi /ZjKJqlxlNy

Creating egalitarian metropolitan spaces

Capacity building of administrators

The metropolitan scale of resilience Issue Paper 3 Metropolis Observatory

Tehran Golden Adobe Award for Urban Management

Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia

Dubai International Award for Best Practices

: Laciudadse ha transformado en un factor productivo de la economa, y este es un cambio fundamental. Lasciudadesintermed

Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality

World association of the major metropolises

Search case studies and experts from cities around the world

Local and Regional Governments Forum at the HLPF

Eastern Europe (/w European part of Russia)

Aviny, 15. 08002 Barcelona (Spain)

We are proud to be knowledge partners va symposium on Fostering Sustainable Cities. Today i

Ville de Mexico Le rapport entre ltat national et le gouvernement de la ville

Monitoring and evaluation (cross-cutting)

Urban development and infrastructures

New government structure / re-organisation

A frank debate about the ecosystem of: shared members, overlaps and willingness to

Territorial cooperation and networks

XII Metropolis World Congress Montral – Final Report

Asia Innova: connecting smart cities between Asia and Europe

Metropolis, World Association of the Major Metropolises

2018 Metropolis Annual meeting – Gauteng province

Metropolis at the ICLEI World Congress

Central Asia (/w Asian part of Russia)

New regulations and political arrangements

2018 Metropolis Annual meeting – Gauteng province

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