Restaurant opens at 10A on weekends and 11A on weekdays.

Arrowhead Restaurant and Bar specializes in offering guests only the finest, seasonal ingredients in its cuisine. Everything is prepared from scratch and our main entrees offer only the freshest fish, steak, chops and salads. In order to take advantage of utilizing only the best quality & in-season fruits, vegetables and fish, Main Menu items change twice a year and a Features Menu is offered twice a month including appetizers, entrees and desserts.

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Arrowhead Restaurant and Bar presents a vast and exciting craft beer menu! This menu is made up of 23 American craft beers from the top craft brewers in the country, and two of Belgiums finest beers! From Stone and Left Hand breweries to Lagunitas and Two Brothers, our craft beer menu list is sure to have something for everyone, including a gluten-free beer brewed by Two Brothers. Check out our extensive craft beer offering .

The wine list changes twice a year with monthly features. We have an extraordinary wine list, seasonal cocktailsincluding a twist on all the classicsthe best in tap beers as well as an enormous scotch and after-dinner drink selection.

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The breakfast menu is served on weekends from 10A to 2P.

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