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I really wanted to try out Fasio e/s for some time and stumbled across this duo on a HK beauty shop website and since it was very cheap (around US$5 or so) I decided Ill try it out.I dont know the exact name of this e/s duo, it only says Fasio Sports Beauty on the top of the case, the rest is in Japanese.It comes in a somehow flimsy looking clear case and comes with a standard sponge-tip applicator.It contains a cream and a powder shadow. The cream shadow is a highlighter and the powder shadow is a metallic looking color shadow.When I first swiped the color with my finger I was astonished by how rough it felt and didnt expect it to give any color. But when I turned my finger around I saw that there was a lot of very dense metallic powder on my tip which was a real surprise for me.The cream shadow is very creamy and it has no glitters many ceam highlighters tend to have. It has a pure pearl finish which is really pretty!The shadow duo stays on all day on me without creasing. I think the cream highlighter could crease on me but I dont use it on my lids anyway.It doesnt fade on me and I dont have any problems with irritations.The color duo I have is T-4, a gorgeous light metallic pink powder shadow and a pure white pearl highlighter cream shadow. I wear it with black e/l and its a very nice combination!I would get more colors but I am not sure if this duo has been discntinued. Id definitely try out more Fasio e/s in future!I am a cool toned PPP/NW15 with brown eyes and haircontinued

I bought a Fasio eyeshadow palette containing 4 shades in Japan recently. The exact name of the product is Sports Beauty Moon Brilliance Eyes from what I can read on the back of the package. The colour is BE-2 Beige.I would have reviewed this product on a different page but I couldnt find the exact listing for this product, so I decided to review it here.When I first tested this in store, I thought the colours were quite pigmented and the price very reasonable but since testing it at home, Ive noticed that the two palest shades hardly show. This is a bit disappointing as I really like these two shades – a pale gold vanilla and peach. The two darkest shades on the other hand are way too dark and show so easily that there seems to be no balance in the colours: they are either too pale or too dark.The price was very good but I think its better to spend a little extra to get a quality product which actually shows, so I wont be buying this product again. I prefer eyeshadows by Revlon or MAC.I hear that other Asian brands such as KATE show a lot more colour and are reasonably priced, so I may try this brand.Overall, not impressed.

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