Inventory the story of NBA moral abduction

On May 1, 42-year-old NBA star Vince Carter said on the show that he will return to the stadium next season to compete in his 22nd career season. As soon as this news came out, NBA players and fans paid tribute to Carter, arguing that his love of basketball is worthy of respect. This season in the Hawks, Carter played 76 times, averaging 7.4 points, 2.6 rebounds, 1.1 assists.

With the energy left in his current “fuel tank”, as well as veteran experience, locker room leadership and box office appeal, it is not difficult to get a veteran contract next season.

However, when the NBA all blessed Carter, former NBA star Arenas expressed a different point of view. The general said: I respect your love of basketball, but many young players are trying to score in the NBA. Every year you play, it means that a young man misses his dream because you occupy an NBA quota.

As a result of this, many fans believe that the general is a typical moral abduction. If Carter can get a contract, it means the team recognizes his value. If young players fail to compete with Carter, they can only say that they are not good enough. Carter doesn’t have to deliberately give up what he wants to do to help young people dream.

Today, there is more and more talk about “moral kidnapping” in society. In fact, in the NBA, there are also many stories that can reflect moral kidnapping. Today we will come to detail.

In 2017, the ball brother who just joined the Lakers as a second in the interview was repeatedly asked who his favorite star was. The answer to the ball brother is LeBron James. Some Lakers fans are not satisfied with this answer. Because Kobe is the greatest player of the Lakers of this era. Fans believe that the ball brother should treat Kobe as his idol like other young Lakers.

This is of course a pure moral abduction. For comparison, someone pulled out a video of Russell’s interview with the Lakers. Russell made it clear that he likes Kobe because “if you don’t say that, the Lakers fans will torture me.”

He also praised Tracy McGrady on social media, saying that he had the opportunity to be the best in history. This also attracted the dissatisfaction of the fans. In contrast, Russell said: “I praised Tracy McGrady, but there is no such thing as demeaning Kobe. In my opinion, too many Lakers fans are spoiled.”

In the summer of 2018, Leonard filed a deal with the Spurs. Even there was news that the 69-year-old coach Popovich wanted to talk to the disciple, but Leonard did not want to see him. In the end, Leonard was traded to the Raptors.

Many fans believe that this is a naked betrayal. Because Leonard was trained as a superstar in the Spurs step by step. In particular, the seniors of the Spurs team, such as Duncan and Ginobili, have the characteristics of “loyalty.” Leonard was called “the traitor” by the fans when he led the Raptors to challenge the Spurs.

However, in recent years, more and more players hope to be able to choose their own home. Even in the contract period, there are not a few cases where you want the team to trade yourself. Even Popovich himself later expressed support for the players to fight for freedom. The attitude of the Spurs fans to Leonard is certainly understandable. But if you must raise this matter to the level of character, there are indeed some suspicions of moral abduction.

In 2012, Rose in the first round of the playoffs cruciate ligament tears, season reimbursement. He did not play in the following 2012-2013 season. In the third game of the Eastern Conference Semifinals this season, there is news that Ross may come back. But in the end Rose was still absent. At the same time, his photos of playing in the pool with his son in Miami caused public outrage.

Chicago fans and the media believe that even if Rose has not fully recovered, or there is still a psychological shadow, at least one or twenty minutes per game can help the team to boost morale. People have seen the story of superheroes with injuries and hope that Ross can follow suit.

However, athletes certainly have the right to decide whether they will come back. Because they know the most about their injuries. Although the conservative attitude does not seem so “good enough”, it is responsible for their performance. In the personal documentary released this year, Ross also reviewed the mood at the time. He believes that the media and fans’ criticisms have put him under more psychological pressure.

Later facts also proved that Ross was not prepared at the time. In the 2013-2014 season, Ross only returned to play 10 games, and then reimbursed for the season…

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