Football Different From 80s-90s Were Policing Among Ourselves – England Fan

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Richard, who is attending the England v Belgium match onJune 28 inKaliningrad, says he doesnt follow the FCO advice.

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He predicts European teams, likeFrance, Germany Belgium and Spain, have a good chance ofwinning the tournament that kicks offin Moscow onJune 14.

All the violence Ive seen inthe past, sincethe 1980s, the one common factor is people were drunk. In my experience oftraveling withEngland fans, when they get drunk likeit was inAmsterdam a few weeks ago they got disrespectful. I dont think they will behave the same way inRussia, they will be scared todo that. Also all the people who got the tickets tothe games inRussia have been vetted bythe England supporters club.

Football is different fromthe 1980s, 1990s and there is CCTV everywhere, he added.

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It happened inFrance because it could, thepolice werent getting involved. They just stood back inFrance because they are not allowed. I dont think the Russian police will stand there and watch. They will stop it very quickly.

I have been aroundthe world and I think if you are unfortunate tobe caught upin something, it can happen anywhere. You could be walking inthe streets ofLondon and a terrorist bomb would go off. You cant live your life infear.

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It will be easy forEngland topass the groups stage, asit will be forBelgium. Im not deluded and Ive been toWorld Cups before I think England have got a chance this time. The players arent scarred byprevious fails or disappointments. They are young and fearless, they have got nothing tolose, the pressure is not onthem. I wouldnt be surprised if we win it, Richard told Sputnik.

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The people who are going, we are quite big guys, we are older I am 49. Ive been aroundthat stuff all my life. It is the young people who get introuble because they have no experience. If you are drunk and young, you have no chance you are playing withfire. We tell the young people, this is not the time toplay around. The older people advise the younger fans onhow toavoid trouble. In a sense we are policing amongourselves.

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Ramadan No Excuse for Uruguay World Cup Defeat – Egypt Head Coach

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England shares theGroup GwithBelgium, Tunisia and Panama. The games will be hosted byVolgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Kaliningrad.

Sexy WAG Campaigns for Russian Women Not Having Sex With Foreigners at World Cup

When it comes tofans behavior, age does matter, suggests Richard.

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Richard Kingdon was inMarseille, France when theviolence broke outamongfans in2016. He told Sputnik it is extremely unlikely there will be any trouble inRussia.

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Having attended the tournaments inGermany in2006, France in1998 and Euro championships England in1996 and France in2016, Richard is an experienced football fan and traveler.

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Best Strikers in the History of the Football World Cup

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St. Petersburg residents and tourists at the opening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Football Park.

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Driving in Russia, Max Alcohol Content Levels & Detailed Guide for England World Cup Fans

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In a recent report the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued a number ofwarnings toUK citizens traveling toRussia forthe World Cup, citing violence and the volatile state ofUK-Russia relations asmains concerns.

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England fans wont behave in a disrespectful way in Russia and there are several reasons for it, a long-standing fan from London told Sputnik.

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