England Football Team on the End of a Flood of Online Memes

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Football Beauties From Across the Globe Enjoying World Cup Matches

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Truly honoured tofly theEnglandSquadtoRussiafortheworldcup.. Im gonna hang abouton the runway,they wont be long m/8imQobs5wJ

WATCH: Syrian Fans Support Russia in Its Standoff With Spain

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Thrill of Victory and Agony of Defeat: Fans Get Emotional During World Cup

In recent days a torrent ofmemes has appeared onTwitter, withfootball fans mocking the prospects oftheir football team atthe FIFA 2018 World Cup inRussia. English football has suffered froma poor reputation foryears, withthe country stomaching a string ofembarrassing losses tominor rivals and often being criticized forthe way inwhich the team is managed. The team has even come toexpect derision fromits own supporters who have tried tocheerfully embrace their teams reputation forconsistent failure.

The Curious Exploits of an England Fan in Russia (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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WATCH Spanish Female Reporter Startled by Sudden Kiss on Air by Cheering Russian Fan

World Cup Extraordinaire: England Flags Cover Entire London Block (VIDEO)

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The England Football team visited an orphanage inRussia today! Its heartbreaking tosee their little faces withno hope said Vladimir, aged 6.

76% of People Think the 2018 FIFA World Cup is the Best Ever Heres Why

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As our Lions settle downfor a month away inRussia

Johnson: UK Didnt Plan to Boycott World Cup as it Belongs to Fans, Not Putin

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Kudos toValdimir, what a caring young lad!!!

England Football Team on the End of a Flood of Online Memes

Trump Determined Now Is Time For Direct Talks Between Him and Putin – US Ambassador to Russia

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A particularly brutal meme making the rounds onsocial media refers toa fictional visit byplayers toa Russian orphanage, withthe children remarking onthe despair inthe eyes ofthe players.

Best of the Best in the Group Stage of World Cup 2018

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MemestrollingmockeryparodyWorld Cup 2018England national football teamTwitterMoscowRussiaUnited KingdomEngland

Spot the Difference: 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow vs 2018 FIFA World Cup

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Russias Triumphant 2018 World Cup Campaign Has Boosted Squads Value by 17%

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Those trolling the players online reportedly extended tothe pilot ofthe aircraft flying the team tothe competition being hosted inMoscow and several other Russian cities, saying they would wait onthe runway asthey wont be long.

Englands Football team has long suffered from a poor reputation internationally, but some social media users have taken their mockery to a new level at the players expense.

Swedish Football Icon Blasts Team England as Spoiled Children With Hubris

Belgium Head Coach Martinez Expects Tough Match Against Japan

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Its heartbreaking tosee their little faces withno hope & courage says

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Ex-Victorias Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio Arrives in Moscow for World Cup (PHOTOS)

Saudi Arabia Denies Players Punished After Defeat at World Cup Opener

Maradona Apologizes to FIFA for Calling England Win Monumental Theft

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UK Journo Comparing World Cup to 1936 Nazi Olympics Gets Roasted by Readership

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Russian National Team Trains Ahead of World Cup Quarter-Finals Game (VIDEO)

The England football team visited an Orphanage yesterday inRussia.

Russian Kokoshnik: FIFA Football Fans Love Wearing Traditional Headdress

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He Didnt See That Coming: World Cup Score-Predicting Psychic Octopus Killed and Eaten in Japan

World Cup Heat: Model WAG Steals the Show on Instagram (PHOTOS)

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