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– Sichuan Qingchengshan Golf Club is an international level, 18-hole, par 72 course designed by an American company, HOK. It is located ne…

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– Chengdu Lushan Golf Club, also known as Luxe Hills Golf & Country Club, covers an area of 1,500,000 square meters, opened to the pub…

– Chengdu Guanling International Golf Club, located in the Guanling development area, was designed by the U.S. professional golf design fi…

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– Golf Course Involved: Sichuan International Golf Club in Chengdu. The city of Chengdu is a perfect place for leisure vacation with its p…

There are many golf courses in Chengdu. You can see the golf pages in our website which include the brief introduction of the golf courses and golf clubs. You can choose the style you prefer. Upon your decision, we can arrange you a private golf tour.

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Although it doesnt have so many golf clubs in the city, the courses are all the famous in China and can give an exotic experience for the golfers. Since the courses are all constructed in American style and surrounded by greenery on all sides, it gives the golfers a high level enjoyment during the playing and a relaxing after the game. Magnificent Golf Courses in Chengdu has tight driving holes, clean and well cultivated fairways to make the game more challenging and exciting. Besides the golf courses in Chengdu. We offer tour packages playing at a reasonable rate on the golf clubs in Chengdu.

– Golf Courses Involved: Sichuan Chengdu International Golf Club (Mumashan), Chengdu Lushan Golf Club, Sichuan Qingchengshan Golf Club. It…

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Sichuan International Golf Club (Mumashan)

Dear Sir or Madam, we have 4 persons and we want to play 2 golf games in 2 different golf courses at Chengdu on this 12 and 13 June, do you have any suggestion?

Chengdu, one of the famous golf cities in China, is the hometown of the National Treasure: Giant Panda. Playing golf in the golf courses in chengdu is an exotic experience one can have. The golf courses in chengdu are so wonderful and relaxing to play in. There are also modern club houses which serve delicious food and drinks and helps the players in relaxing after the game. Golf Courses in Chengdu are not many in number but under the important golf courses of China. Here we provide the information about some of the most famous golf clubs having beautiful golf courses in Chengdu deserve special mention.

– Sichuan International Golf Club, located in the Mumashan development area, was designed by Nicklaus and Miller Golf companies. It is an …

Chengdu Guanling International Golf Club

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