CFL Referees Salaries

Junior Referees in CFL do not get paid big money, they mostly selected for the minor league once they had a good experience and well aware of the rules and regulation. Once they get experience of 3-4 years they get promoted for CFL matches and selected as match officials, lines-man, side judge, back judge or umpire.

Just like other competition the referees pay compensation increase when they were selected for the playoffs of the season. Few years ago article published that a CFL umpire,match referee and head lines man earn upto ($1,000) during the playoffs. In Grey Cup finals referee make $2,000 from the match.

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Professional CFL referees get paid extra money they earn bonus for their appearance in the match. They mostly selected for the matches because of their experience. A professional referee in CFL (Canadian Football League) get paid maximum $300 but his earnings were double when he become officials team member in the playoffs. Where as $2,500 paid to a professional CFL referee for the final (Grey Cup). If professional referee holdsĀ 18 games during the season he may grossed his earnings ($20,000-$50,000) which include bonus earnings.

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Canadian Football League held each year how much salary paid to the CFL referees during a match and end of they year. According to sources the CFL referees and match officials are not full time employed. Their current compensation for on-field officials is not public. But in 2015, a sports journal claimed that a CFL referee get paid $150 per match. Well there is always a huge difference in rookie level and professional level referees.

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