Amazing Cheerleading Stunts!!!

Basics of Cheerleading Jumps Cheerleading

Some of my favourite places Ive been are Florida (but especially

wow that (tumbler?) was good. Like she could lock her body stiff and didnt

Scorpion Dance Academy Holiday camp Cheerleading Tumbling Course

Oh and also I really wanna go to Dallas just to go to NCA and one of my

Cheerleaders New Jersey Ep. 3 Figure Out Your Life!

Thats exactly how I pack. Im currently in LA which has been my favourite

vlogs every week ? as for the trip, if I was loaded with money, I would

natural waterfall at Turtleback Falls. =)

Israel was better than expected. We rented a security detail, which makes

you feel so important. Heartbreaking that theyre fighting again.

Nicky Gile 2015: Florida FAU College Cheerleader Fitness Model!

need many more to express my feelings. So my dear Cam I promise I always

THE GREAT CAM CAMERA/CAM CREW.Im sorry this is a very long post but I

Nicky Gile 2015: Florida FAU College Cheerleader Fitness Model!

yeah you show your age with the Kim Possible mistake. lol.. 🙂

you in general are just some of the many reasons we anxiously wait for new

Though I also loved sailing/swimming on Lake Joccassee and going down the

Not bragging or anything, but i travel a lot, mostly with my family but it


Egypt (what really happened) if you want to take a look. Not trying to

I really want to visit Arkansas !!! I love that state green space ! its so

youtuber went to Egypt recently and got put in extreme danger and witnessed

place to visit so far. Egypt would be my dream place to visit (when its

Cheerleaders Season 2 Ep. 42: Worlds 2014 Day One

See what us cheer coaches do on the weekend!!! Stunts AllStar

I hear Rogers, Arkansas is a nice place to visit.

The song is called Social Network by Tim Reilly Jeff Dale.

Fadeela Alsaraaf: Cheerleaders New Jersey Ep. 3 – Figure Out Your L:

Flu Shot Disabled Beautiful Cheerleader Fake ( Dystonia Disorder)

Cheerleaders Season 2 Ep. 42: Worlds 2014 Day One

also, i would love to see africa or new zealand. but i have been to mexico

Australia, Germany, etc, etc. I really could go on forever. As for here

much i love those videos. Anyhow finally I got what I wants and HEY

you can do that amazing back flip, handstand, am I forgetting something

followers/fans from all over the world

Internet,WiFi,computers and every thing is not letting me to watch the new

a laid back, cool guy look ? ) i love you, Cam!!!! 3

You should do a Packing Tutorial and teach us how to pack your entire

There are so many places I want to travel to including South Korea, Japan,

Flu Shot Disabled Beautiful Cheerleader Fake ( Dystonia Disorder)

How To Tumble: Back Handspring (beginner) Cheer and gymnastics

you sad by anything, if something makes you sad it wont last long, oh oh

You really are something. I mean youre great at humour, so talented on

have nice friends, your job is like a leisure activity, nothing can make

Nicky Gile 2015: Florida FAU College Cheerleader Fitness Model!

Nicky Gile 2015: Florida FAU College Cheerleader Fitness Model!

Wish I knew you were here. Did you enjoy the Dallas? Its ok, love

You look so handsome with your button up shirt.

Cheerleading Cheers: Go, Fight, Win

DUBAI. Where I live we can go rafting id love to take u plus the raft

one day I can say to others that Im a one of the very first followers of

animal cruelty and homophobia, he talks about it in his video Youtubers in

youits amazing that you havent got millions of subscribersbut that

I dont have one favorite, but Spain is amazing: food, culture, men,

really break when falling I guess that comes with training and faith in

in the States Ive been to a few different states but I have never been to

sure everyone here would agree that your personality, character and just

dofrom go-karts to theme parks to a really nice RV park in the woods lol.

before and i would like to actually go to vacation there 🙂

ever do go to Egypt just plan the trip with great precautions! Great video

you are so amazing, so handsome, so cute, so adorable and so so !!

I dont know if youre familiar with the youtuber BriBry but he and another

dreams is to compete in NCA and win an NCA jacket (and preform at Worlds


The pyramids in Egypt were disappointing. I wanted the Disney experience of

Im so proud to say that Im one of them.. Youre the best of all

California better, but somehow I ended up here. Take care, 😀

Disneyworld), Switzerland and Scotland (cause I live in Scotland and its

Lake Tahoe was the best place I have ever visited. Amazingly beautiful.

Cam you wouldnt be able to make a boring vlog even if you tried lol. Im

Egypt is really nice, theres a lot to do there, especially if you like to

you never heard before,(Im pretty sure. )Byeeee:-)

them rising from the horizon as I approached, but the city has expanded

makes me happy because It feels like Im special to have you with me and

Cheerleading 101 basic Stunting

closet in a 21 foot case! =D CamSkills

the time, but you look so sophisticated in the button up. usually you have

Oh yeah You have the most amazing,kindest ,loveable and caring

Cam, you look so handsome in your button up shirt! (you look handsome all

I really wanna travel to new York City because its an amazing city you forever ever. Love from a foreign boy whos country that

real,like real realbut if I star to cry then pls dont laugh at

just up beside them, so fantasy is better.

love to buy a seat on SpaceX for a visit to the moon!

Cheerleaders New Jersey Ep. 3 Figure Out Your Life!

tour cities and go to museums full of historical things. ?

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