2018 World Cup final Croatia on the brink of history

2018 World Cup final Croatia on the brink of history

With anti-migrant violence hitting a fever pitch, victims ask why Greek authorities have carried out so few arrests.

Protests erupt in Chicago after man fatally shot by police

Al Jazeeras Robin Forestier Walker reports from the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

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Israeli air raids kill two Palestinian teens in Gaza

How a homegrown burger joint pioneered a food revolution and decades later gave a young, politicised class its identity.

The Croatian federation has announced the construction of a national football stadium, but many wonder why a team with top-drawer talent has long lacked the matching facilities.

The brutality of Greeces racist lynch mobs

Kombo Yannick is one of the many African asylum seekers braving the longer Latin America route to the US.

Croatiais readying itself forSundays World Cup finalagainst France.

Whats behind Saudi Arabias arrest of religious leaders?

Croatians hope that their success in the 2018 World Cup will inspire not only future world-class players like midfield-lynchpin Luka Modric, but also investment in the nations football infrastructure.

Hopes rest on star players like Luka Modric, who have brought their country to the threshold of sporting history, but many feel that the players have succeeded despite Croatias football federation, not because of it.

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